Humane Unit Abandoned Cat Call Leads To Bizarre Story Involving FBI

Humane Unit Abandoned Cat Call

Photo by By Laura Bartlett.

By Ryan Yousefi

With the coronavirus-induced chaos that turned all of our lives upside down this past April, one would assume life for the Coral Springs Humane Unit would be pretty uneventful.

You’d probably imagine that with more people home during the day, there would be less wild animals roaming free and fewer calls from concerned neighbors.

Well, if one occasion in late-April is any indication, you thought wrong. The Coral Springs Humane Unit is still doing its essential business because the crazy stops for no pandemic and cats definitely aren’t just going to learn to go to Publix, cook and clean up after themselves just because their human took off because the police and FBI have colluded in a secret plot to assassinate her.

There is a lot to unpack here. We’ll start at the top and try to explain. 

On the morning of April 29, a call came into the Coral Springs Humane Unit concerning an abandoned cat located in the 5600 block of NW 117th Avenue. 

A neighbor reported a strong smell of feces and urine coming from the patio of the residence of Carrie Unger, and they wanted the Humane Unit to come out and do a wellness check on the situation.

Upon further investigation, the Humane Unit encountered a frustrated neighbor, who indicated no one had been to the home in weeks to feed the cat. Unless the cat is Marie Kondo, no one has been cleaning up after it.

The neighbor proceeded to pass along information that led to a conversation with the home’s caretaker, a woman named Maria, who indicated when she had last spoken to the homeowner two weeks ago, she made it clear she was moving and could no longer care for the cat.

At the time, Unger then indicated Maria shouldn’t worry about the job anymore because her father, Stephen Unger, would take care of the cat-related responsibilities.

Case closed, right? Dad to the rescue. Just a Dad and a cat riding out a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic together. Nope. The plot continues to twist.

When reached by the Humane Unit, Stephen Unger informed them he never took over the cat caring tasks and didn’t intend to, adding he doesn’t even have access to the gated community or home.

A little further investigation found that Carrie Unger has not been in Coral Springs since at least December 9, 2019, and has no intention to return because, according to the police report, she believes the Coral Springs Police Department, as well as the FBI, are trying to kill her. No news as to why that would be the case, but nonetheless, she has apparently skipped town, leaving behind one hungry and disheveled cat, a frustrated neighbor, an out-of-the-loop dad, and a Humane Unit that just wants this story to end.

Unger, according to multiple people in this circle of cat drama, only returns calls from a blocked number. Seeing as no one can care for the cat, it’s been agreed upon that trapping the feline so it can be delivered to a shelter and homed is in the best interest of everyone involved.

Hopefully, the Coral Springs Humane Unit doesn’t have to make any more trips back to the Unger’s.

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