Man Arrested for Stalking, Harassing Coral Springs Mayor

Man Arrested for Stalking, Harassing Coral Springs Mayor

Neil Rosen

By Sharon Aron Baron

A man who attempted to intimidate Coral Springs Mayor Scott Brook into not representing his spouse in divorce proceedings was arrested and charged with harassment and cyberstalking.

On May 10, Coral Springs Police responded to Scott Brook’s law practice regarding a harassing/obscene phone call investigation involving Neil Darren Rosen, 55, of Parkland, the estranged spouse of Brook’s client.

The officer made contact with Rosen on the phone, who became argumentative with him. According to police, Brook expressed fear for his safety and the safety of his office staff and subsequently hired a police security detail.  

According to the report, Rosen began calling Brook again, demanding that retainer fees from his wife be refunded during one of the details.  Another officer who was working the detail spoke with Rosen, who once again became argumentive.

On May 14, an officer responded to Brook’s office after Rosen’s conduct continued. The officer obtained a sworn statement from Brook, who said on May 13, he had received a text from Rosen which had a screenshot of a couple of websites Rosen had purchased with Brook’s name in them.

“Hey, I see your not that smart. I own you now.  If you would like the domains, they are for sale.  Include this with your proposal which my offer is for zero.  My proposal for the sale of the domain sale is $100k.  Sleep on it.  Have a great night.  Thank you.  Neil Rosen.”

Brook also received another text.  A partial excerpt stated:

“Good morning, I see you blocked my number, as of 5 minutes ago there has been no money returned to the card, today you are going to refund the total amount of $9,500 that’s facts.”

The text also calls his wife (Rosen’s) a name and that Brook “will not be filing any legal documents” — that Brook “would be working for free.”

Brook showed police his cellphone log, which had a total of nine calls from 8:52 a.m. to 10:43 a.m. from two numbers. He reported that he spoke with Rosen’s attorney to see if he could stop him, which was unsuccessful.   He feared for the safety of his staff, himself, and his family. Coral Springs Police issued a probable cause affidavit or arrest and booking report. 

According to police, that evening, as Brook was having dinner with his family at Tap 42, Rosen was identified as having followed Brook to the restaurant by a detective. Rosen was taken into custody and charged with stalking, follow, harassment, and cyberstalking. He posted a $1,000 bond and agreed to stay away from the victim’s office. On May 17, he entered a plea of not guilty.


Man Arrested for Stalking Coral Springs Mayor Once Acquitted on Murder Charges


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