Vietnam Vet Honored by Son with Memorial Day Display


By: Jen Russon

A house in the Coral Springs Glenwood community shows an acre’s worth of patriotism for Memorial Day, thanks to the designing skills of Steve Porter.

Steve said his parents, Kenneth and Cynthia, have lived on NW 43 Court for almost 30 years, and ever since he moved back home, he’s enjoyed decorating its lawn for different occasions.

“I’ve always done big Christmas and Halloween displays, and one to honor Marjory Stoneman Douglas in February,” said Steve, who is himself a 1998 graduate.

On Sunday, Steve decided to honor his father, Kenneth, 76, who served in the Navy during Vietnam on the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt CVA-42. 

Nicknamed ‘Swanky Franky,’ the giant ship was the first aircraft carrier of the United States Navy to be named in honor of a President of the United States.

Kenneth worked as a mechanic helping out in the cockpit, radio room and assisting the fighter squads that flew over North Vietnam and the Mediterranean Sea.

“After Vietnam, I came home and worked for many years at Pan Am, eventually opening a company that serviced commercial jet engines,” said Kenneth, now a retired aviation mechanic.

His son hopes others who served like his Dad will drive by and reflect on his display, which has many eagles and lights up at night.

“Veterans just don’t get enough credit for what they do, and I wanted to build something to both thank and honor them,” said Steve.

Vietnam Vet Honored by Son with Memorial Day Display

Steven and Kenneth Porter.

He added anyone who fought and died for this beautiful nation deserves to be remembered for their sacrifice, not just on May 31 but every day. 

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