Coral Springs Man Arrested After Pouring Bleach on Ex-Girlfriend

Romaine Seaton

Romaine Seaton

By Isaac Ray 

After his ex-girlfriend barged into his home uninvited, a Coral Springs man was arrested for aggravated battery for throwing bleach on her.

On March 21, Coral Springs Police responded to a domestic disturbance call from the 10000 block of Twin Lakes Drive. Once on the scene, officers encountered a man, later identified as Romaine Seaton, 27.

According to the report, Seaton admitted to police he had been in an altercation with his ex-girlfriend at his parents’ house. Seaton said his ex-girlfriend had arrived uninvited at his parents’ home and knocked on the door for over two hours. He eventually answered the door, and that she barged in.

While arguing with her and asking her to leave,  she threw a bloody tampon at him. He then became irate, grabbed a bottle of bleach, and threw it on the victim. 

When officers spoke to the victim, she was still suffering from a chemical irritation that had caused burns to her chest, neck, and shoulders. She was also wet and had a strong chemical odor. The victim confirmed the story Seaton had told police and admitted to not being invited to the residence. She added that during the altercation, he had twice choked her. 

Officers obtained Ring camera footage showing the victim running downstairs, away from Seaton. In the video, police heard the victim screaming for help and neighbors coming outside to assist her. Following the attack, a witness who had come to the victim’s aid suffered chemical burns on herself.

Romaine Seaton threw bleach on ex-girlfriend

Romaine Seaton

Following his arrest, Seaton admitted to officers that he chased the victim downstairs and doused her with bleach as she attempted to get in her car in the parking lot. 

Seaton was arrested and transported to the Broward County Mail Jail. He later posted a $7,500 bond and was released.

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