Coral Springs Singer-Songwriter Drops New Single June 14 and it’s Amazing

The song will be released on June 14. Warning: Contains explicit lyrics.

By: Hank McCoy

Coral Springs songwriter Alnev writes profound emotional pop records to connect with his peers.

Alnev, 18, believes whatever you’re feeling, you aren’t alone. It’s the message in the music he creates, and the sentiment that influences his songwriting.

The young songwriter found inspiration in poetry at a young age while living in Coral Springs. Alnev spent elementary and middle school at the Hebrew Academy Community School of Margate where his English teacher, Mrs. Bitterman pushed him to keep writing and is the main influence on his creative process today.

Alnev cool kids Singer Songwriter

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His latest single Cool Kids will be released on June 14, and we got a sneak peek. The wise young songwriter, with an incredible voice, offers up lyrics speaking about material obsession.

“You act like you’re alright, but Gucci never solves anything” and “King of losers, faux confidence, confined to riches.”

Striking lyrics from an ambitious young artist writing with intent who uses his negative feelings to bring out his creativity.

He often writes about pain and struggle — things that people can relate to more deeply as he put it.  Classmates at the school he goes to in Pennsylvania don’t always understand the choices he makes in his songwriting.

“Kids in my class will say just think about happy stuff, think about good things, and how everything’s great. And I’m like, listen, everything is not great, is it? I want people to know if you’re sad, you’re not alone, and people need to know that others know how they feel.”

The new single Cool Kids has Alnev strumming his uke. At the same time, he uses the honesty in his voice to speak straight forward on the futility of popularity, which he describes as the theme of the record and the idea of people’s focus on materialism as a sign of “cool.”

Cool Kids builds off its simplistic beginnings into a crescendo of hyper-aware, imperfect pop that invokes feelings that many have with regards to the clout driven, surface-level culture that permeates all aspects of our lives.

You can hear the need to connect with his peers on his new single. The song may be a critique of what he’s dealing with, but it also feels like a plea for him to breakthrough.  

Alnev and his desire to reach people, speaks volumes in his music, but also in his love for “busking” and playing to people in public.

Busking started out as a way to build confidence as a performer but soon turned into something much more profound when he would play in the subway’s of New York and on the trains to sometimes only a few random passengers.

“When I see two people across from me, listening to the entire time, then when I finish, tell me ‘dude that was amazing’ and they want to check me out. They go online and find me. It’s the most gratifying and best feeling ever.”

The inspiration that Alnev receives from playing live is palpable in his voice when he speaks about the connectivity of the process. Still, with social distancing and the slow reopen of the economy, it makes playing to fans and the public unknown for the foreseeable future.

One thing is sure that Alnev is focused on making music that can inspire change and connect with humanity.  Cool Kids single drops Sunday, June 14, on all streaming services.  The single Cool Kids was produced by Shlomo Wolf and written entirely by the young musician/songwriter.

You can pre-save Cool Kids here and find Alnev on his social media platforms or his merch store here.

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