Woman Arrested After Refusing To Leave Bonefish Mac’s 3 Times In The Same Night

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Thandiwe Anne Marie Semista

By Ryan Yousefi

As COVID-19 continues to flare-up around the country, it is as important as ever to support local restaurants as often as you can. However, if said restaurant asks you to leave, it’s probably best to go.

On November 7, a North Lauderdale woman learned this lesson and was charged with trespassing after refusing to leave the same Coral Springs restaurant three times in under two hours. 

Coral Springs Police received a call from Bonefish Mac’s, at 6174 West Sample Road, about an unruly customer they wanted removed from the premises. According to staff, the woman, possibly yearning for another order of the restaurants’ famous Crispy Crack Mac Balls dish, continually fought with management and refused to calm down. 

According to the report, officers were dispatched to the scene. When they arrived, they were told the unruly woman had already left. CSPD conducted a search but could not locate the suspect in the area based on her description. 

Less than 20 minutes later, CSPD received a second call indicating the woman had returned to Bonefish Mac’s and was once again attempting to start fights with staff and customers. Officers once again were dispatched to the scene.

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This time, Bonefish Mac’s provided officers with the woman’s’ driver’s license, which they say she had left behind. Officers quickly spotted Thandiwe Anne Marie Semista, 24, gave her a warning, and told her not to return to the restaurant under any circumstances.

Semista acknowledged she was banned from returning to Bonefish Mac’s. Officers once again left the scene. 

Less than 40 minutes later, CSPD received a third call from Bonefish Mac’s indicating that Semista had once again returned and was acting aggressively. Officers arrived on the scene, and this time, arrested Semista for trespassing. 

Semista was transported to CSPD for booking and later transported to the Broward County Main Jail. 

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