Retired NYPD Couple Bringing Gyroville, a Restaurant “All About Living Fresh”

Gyroville NYPD

Maria and Irving Rodriguez stand outside their restaurant, Gyroville. {Photo courtesy Maria Rodriquez}

By: Jen Russon

Two former NYPD law enforcement officers are bringing Gyroville, a Fort Lauderdale-based restaurant chain best known for its Greek-inspired, build-your-own-plate menu to Coral Springs.

Irving and Maria Rodriguez, who live in Kensington Glen, both said they are excited to bring a casual and colorful new dining experience to the community, and they especially can’t wait to offer their healthy menu and catering to the city’s finest.

“Mediterranean food is among the world’s healthiest diets, and we truly believe that the healthy fast-casual concept can fit into anyone’s lifestyle,” said Maria, who explained she had been a rookie sergeant for NYPD in 2001.

She said the Greek restaurant features a modern twist on traditional Greek cuisine, where customers will be able to choose between six sauces made fresh daily, including the original tzatziki, hummus, spicy feta or one of Gyroville’s variations of original tzatziki; Medichurri Salsa or jalapeño spinach.

Gyroville offers various protein choices, including gyro meat, chicken, or falafel, as a vegetarian option either from the grill or vertical spit, served in a pita, over rice, as a wrap or a salad. If customers are in a hurry, they can order online and schedule a pick-up time.

In addition to the freshly chopped romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, jalapeno peppers, onions, and many savory condiments, the Rodriquez’s are dishing out an appreciation for fellow law enforcement officers in the form of a 25 percent discount.

Originally from New York City, Irving and Maria served on the NYPD nearly 20 years ago during the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. They said all first responders, including paramedics, doctors, and nurses, would get a discount at Gyroville.

“During 9/11, the emergency responders took good care of us, and they still are,” said Irving, who, as an NYPD detective, was part of cleanup and recovery of evidence at Ground Zero.

He added he and Maria have friends and relatives in law enforcement, some of them diagnosed with cancer in the aftermath of 9/11.

When Gyroville opens in early March, Irving said they would have a New York City police car on-site, lights flashing and alerting the public to not only great food — but fun activities sponsored by the Association of Retired Police Officers and the Camaro Club.

Check back with Coral Springs Talk in the coming days for more grand opening details. The restaurant is located at 1750 N University Drive in the newly renovated 17 Fifty shopping plaza.

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