Opinion: The Many Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Read Coral Springs Talk

“I’m As Mad As Hell And I’m Not Going To Take This Anymore!” from Network.

By: Jim Cheney

Good evening residents of Coral Springs. 

If you step into the ‘way back’ machine, some of you may remember a 1976 Hollywood blockbuster movie titled Network.  I’m not here to mention the 10 Oscar nominations with 4 wins that the movie received.

No, I’m here to prick the heart of an entire city and it’s residents.  I’m here to trumpet the very famous tagline from that movie, that shouts forth in anger:

“I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore.”

In today’s information age, there seems to be an influx of ‘radical free-thinkers’. Hidden agendas by news outlets that show strong partisan separatism that are attempting to destroy the moral fabric which holds this country together.  Just like one loose thread in a sweater that your dear old grandmother knitted for you, one online blog has been leading the way in making sure that thread gets snagged and eventually causing life as we know it…in Coral Springs…to unravel right before our very eyes.

That online blog is…Coral Springs Talk. 

I can’t even type the full name without being triggered anymore, so it will be CST until the end. 

This progressive, self-indulgent media outlet has spewed its false narrative in the Coral Springs area since 2012.  It has won awards from the Florida Press Club as Best Independent Blog for three years in a row. 


Enough name calling – let’s get down to the bare facts: 

They use calming techniques to lull you into a sense of trust and well-being.  Here’s my checklist, see if you can see a pattern of behavior adjusting tactics:

Announcing the whereabouts of new businesses that have just opened in the city.  A Christian bookstore opening was even announced.  What ever happened to the adage of separation of church and non-book selling church? Huh? 

Well, it seems they also post city functions and memorials and shows that take place at community churches, as well.

They post a weekly police blotter, no doubt for the reason of keeping you ‘well informed’ on local crime. 

This seems very shady to me.

Did you lose your pet?  Dog, cat, parrot, turtle or any other type of animal that decided to go on walk about as you were reading the CST blog? 

I hold them directly responsible. 

Oh yeah, they do reunite owners and pets, but I am curious about the sincerity of their actions.

They seem to rely heavily on promoting displays of utopian society and togetherness…like Our Town, the annual Holiday Parade, the Farmer’s Market, Health Fairs for the elderly, Fourth of July Celebrations and many other functions that distract you from thinking about how horrid the city has become since CST moved in and took over.

They even have the unmitigated gall to announce city elections, polling places, news and backgrounds on candidates…BASED ON FACTS, no doubt. HAH!  Instead of sensationalizing and mudslinging against one particular candidate, they carelessly toss out truth, based on interviews with the candidates themselves. 

Nonpartisan? They have no political leaning…left or right!  You fence-sitting ne’er-do-wells!

How dare CST post articles on April Fool’s Day that poke fun at the destitute residents of Parkland?  I hope you can sleep at night after such irrational assaults each year.

The list goes on and on. I have an entire very short list about complaints concerning a particular wing agenda that CST constantly spews, but I’d rather you base your judgements on my well-educated opinion.

The time is NOW! We must act as responsible citizens of Coral Springs and consider the blight…this canker to our community…This…this Coral Springs Talk.

Oh The Humanity!


I truly thank all the contributing writers at Coral Springs Talk. This great city has been my home for over 30 years.  I am spending most of my days in West Palm Beach with my elderly father.  I’m still not sure who is taking care of who, but we both get by okay. 

Since I can’t be there every day, it’s comforting to read about what is going on in what I still call ‘my hometown’. I was urged to write this because of couple of comments that accused CST of having a political leaning – doesn’t matter which one. 

CST has nothing to gain by taking sides and everything to lose by doing so.  In a time where responsible journalism has become a long-lost art form, it’s refreshing to see that some people still care about fact and truth.  They let you decide which way to lean, but do it persuasion free.  I may not agree with everything on the page, but they also open themselves to differing opinions.  Unless you are a complete ass-hat, they even post your opinions, as well.

Thanks for being there CST.  I appreciate you.


Jim Cheney

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