Parkland Residents Speak Out To School Board Members Regarding Boundary Changes

Audio of School Board Member Abby Freedman asking for a new school to be built in Parkland

By: Sharon Aron Baron

On Wednesday night, parents had the chance to ask their school board members questions in their “Conversation with the District” event at Coral Springs High School. On many of their minds were the recent proposals involving boundary changes affecting Parkland schools which threatened to divide one community, and as well as send many on busses far away from their homes.

Superintendent Robert Runcie along with  School Board Members Robin Bartleman, and Abby Freedman, led the discussions in a talk show-type setting with audience members who submitted questions.

Residents from the Coral Springs and Parkland community of Heron Bay as well as those who have purchased or contracted homes in the newly developed “wedge” area of Parkland were concerned that their community may be broken up or bussed to other schools to meet class size requirements based on boundary proposals by school board member Abby Freedman.  See Boundary Proposals


Parkland residents

Heron Bay parents wore orange T-shirts with “Heron Bay equals Heron Heights” protested against the preliminary proposals that were submitted that could potentially break up the Heron Bay community.

“I think it’s important that we currently do not displace currently enrolled children in Heron Heights,” one parent said.

Freedman submitted six proposals for boundary changes to meet class size requirements to accommodate all the new homes that are being built in the new communities in Parkland. One resident told the school board members that many families haven’t had a voice yet to complain about the proposals because many of them haven’t moved in yet.

Coral Springs Coconut Creek Regional Chamber of Commerce

The new proposals have unbuilt homes that are currently in the boundaries for Heron Heights to attend schools like Deerfield Beach or Park Springs Elementary School. Those in middle would attend Deerfield Beach or Forest Glen Middle School, and those that are slated to go to Stoneman Douglas would be assigned to either Coral Springs High School or Blanche Ely High School.

Freedman’s answer to the overcrowding of schools in Parkland? Demand Broward County Public Schools build another school.

“It is my hope that your passion will be brought the superintendent so that he sees how critical it is that a school be built,” said Freedman.

With over 25,000 empty seats in Broward County schools, it was very unlikely that a new public school will be built, said one official who did not want to be named.

But what about a charter school? If a public school won’t be built, is Parkland a prime location for a potential Charter school?

Perhaps if enough parents are angry enough about boundary changes, they will get their school, any school, built faster in their area.

The boundary proposals are still preliminary at this time.  Want to join the Save Heron Bay Facebook page? Save Heron Bay

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