Parkland Mayor to Abby Freedman: Pull Your Proposals by Noon Monday


Heron Bay Residents against boundary changes in their neighborhood at District meeting October 9 in Coral Springs

Heron Bay Residents against boundary changes in their neighborhood at District meeting October 9 in Coral Springs

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Residents from Parkland as well as those who have purchased or contracted homes in the newly developed “wedge” are concerned that their community may be broken up or bussed to other schools to meet class size requirements based on boundary proposals by School Board Member Abby Freedman.  See Boundary Proposals.

Homeowners have formed online groups to discuss these issues and Mayor Michael Udine has been the liaison between the school board and concerned parents.

The new proposals by Freedman break up those living in the Coral Springs side of Heron Bay with those living in the Parkland side to attend two different elementary schools. Another has unbuilt homes that are currently in the boundaries for Heron Heights to attend schools like Deerfield Beach or Park Springs Elementary School. Those in middle would attend Deerfield Beach or Forest Glen Middle School, and those that are slated to go to Stoneman Douglas would be assigned to either Coral Springs High School or Blanche Ely High School.

These proposals, which are angering parents, may be her way of making the district build much-needed public schools in Parkland.

Parkland Mayor Michael Udine’s Statement on Sunday:

I have been hearing a lot of misinformation being pushed out there about “the wedge.” I want make sure you have some FACTS.

The history, while many twists and turns, boils down to this: Very large land area that used to be Unincorporated Palm Beach County. For over a DECADE, Parkland, through many elected officials strategize to combat the future impact of the area on the City. THE LAND CARRIED VERY HEAVY INDUSTRIAL — USES…. THERE WAS TALKS IN THE PAST OF TURNING THE AREA INTO AN AIRPORT, A PRISON AND OTHER HEAVY INDUSTRIAL — USES. We have a very active Historical Society, ask some of them. Anyway, the City worked hard to get that land into Unincorporated Broward….. and now parts are being annexed into Parkland. This was planned over decades. We have tried to explain to Abby a little of this history. Her response and what she is telling some neighbors is NOTHING should be there. Obviously that is not possible. Something was going to go there. She has stated her preference for High Industrial in lieu of single family houses!! That is way outside of the mainstream.

Now, as we are working, planning and bringing these parcels into Parkland, they are being developed with “Parkland like” standards. You will start to hear about the next project up there. It passed first reading already. It will be a High End 55 plus community. It is very much needed and will be a huge success. It provides massive revenue for County, City and School Board and generates ZERO students. Very little impacts all the way around. This project enjoys the strong support of County Commissioner Stacy Ritter, who like everyone else who looks at the issue sees the benefits. On so many levels this is a home run.

Abby’s proposals will not pass, most likely they will not even see the light of day. School Board Staff will not go with them. The rest of the School Board will NOT support them and even Abby knows they have ZERO chance. They do not comply with School Board guidelines.


You see Abby, by floating this nonsense out there. You affect VALUES throughout Parkland. I know you are telling people you couldn’t care less about the Wedge, Watercrest, Mira Lago, but remember all land values are related. If the LAND that the 55 and over Community does not appraise out BECA– USE of your uncertainty, it affects financing of the project, which affects the project. Do you get it?

To close, Parkland has always been growing. When we were just the Ranches, they screamed because Cypresshead was coming. Both screamed when Fox Ridge and Meadow Run came along. All screamed when Heron Bay and Parkland Golf came along. Thats the nature of a growing City.

This are going very well in Parkland. We have a tremendous City. Coveted by people that live here and want to live here. It is truly disappointing to see the amount of destruction caused by one reckless act.

Abby it must end by NOON tomorrow. Please do the right thing for the City of Parkland and the children in your school board district.

Mayor Michael Udine

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