Restaurant Worker Suspended After Writing Offensive Language on Family’s Takeout Order

Message written on the bag of family’s takeout order.

By: Sharon Aron Baron

A restaurant worker was suspended for a week after admitting to treating a family poorly along with writing a nasty message on a family’s takeout order.

The incident began after Sutton Thompson, who was home for the holidays with his family, visited the one place that was on their go-to list: Laspadas Original Hoagies.

Thompson moved to Georgia three years ago after living in Coral Springs his entire life and had always purchased sandwiches at Laspadas, where up until Monday, they have never had a bad experience. Around 2:30 p.m on Monday, Thompson, his sister, and his six-year old brother placed an order for five sandwiches.  He said that the employee putting them together swore under his breath and got angry when they asked for something as simple as cheese.

“He was clearly very angry and irritated, and when we got home as we were taking the sandwiches out of the bag, we saw ‘f***ing idiots’ written on the bottom,” said Thompson.

“It was the worst experience I have ever had with a restaurant,” he said. “I personally work in the restaurant industry and had I behaved in that manner,  I would have been fired on the spot.” 

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The sandwiches were also incorrectly made and when they went in to tell the manager, he didn’t seem to care. “He told us that he’d take care of it with no real conviction. He treated us like liars and wouldn’t give us the owner’s number. This place usually has great service but this one guy had no respect for his customers.”

We spoke with General Manager Phil Kappes, who was very saddened to hear about the incident and extremely apologetic. He said he spoke to the employee who broke down, cried, and said he was having a bad day.  ‘’He feels so foolish, and it was so out of character,” he said.

Kappes said the employee has value and a couple years ago when he was hired, he replaced two very poor workers.  Kappas spoke to Thompson’s Aunt Lynn, a resident of the city, and she said she did not want the employee fired.  Kappas suspended the employee for a week and said he will give the customer a formal apology. 

Said Thompson. “Thank you so much for helping us find justice over the situation. My family is very satisfied.”

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