Planning and Zoning Board to Discuss 3rd Downtown Development Project

Planning and Zoning Board to Discuss 3rd Downtown Development Project

[City of Coral Springs]

By Bryan Boggiano

As the Cornerstone and City Village developments progress, a third player might join in on the downtown construction frenzy.

On Sept. 19, starting at 6:30 p.m., the city’s Planning and Zoning Board will discuss a potential mixed-use project at the northeast corner of Sample Road of University Drive.

The downtown project would include 377 residential units and 11,525 square feet of commercial space.

There would be 175 one-bedroom units with roughly 775 square feet each. An additional 158 would have two bedrooms and an area of about 1,075 square feet. Forty-four would have three bedrooms and an area of roughly 1,325 square feet.

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There would also be a courtyard, pool, eight-story parking garage with 622 spaces, a community gym, and a dog park.

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Preliminary Site Plans [City of Coral Springs]

Publix Super Markers owns the 4.21-acre plot of land, which has been vacant since 2007. The site, which was Coral Springs’s first grocery store, was demolished following significant damage from Hurricane Wilma in 2005, according to city documents.

During the development process, Publix worked with city staff to reduce the amount of land dedicated to a future right-of-way along Sample Road and University Drive.

Additionally, on behalf of Publix, business law firm Greenspoon Marder, LLC is requesting special exceptions to the city’s land development code related to the size, setbacks, and building frontage.

The lot, located in a downtown mixed-use district, cannot have a core block length exceeding 500 feet or a perimeter greater than 1,600 feet. While the perimeter would be 1,582 feet, the core block length along Sample Road is 517 feet.

To address this, Publix would create a pedestrian-friendly environment by incorporating public art, a water fountain, benches, entrance structures, and shade trees to enhance the pedestrian experience and decrease the block length’s appearance.

Under the code, the building cannot be wider than 300 linear feet, have a depth of more than 500 linear feet, or have a lot size greater than 150,000 square feet.

The proposed widths along both Broken Woods Drive and University Drive are greater than the maximum-allowed width, coming in at 327 feet and 313 feet, respectively.

The lot depth, measured from Sample Road, will also exceed the 500-foot maximum, coming in at 517 feet.

The lot size also exceeds the code limit, which is proposed at 155,800 square feet.

For frontage requirements, the Downtown Regulation Plan requires building frontage of 75 percent along both Sample Road and University Drive.

While the building frontage along Sample Road would be 77 percent, along University Drive, this figure is 53 percent.

Additionally, the proposed building must have a setback of five to 15 feet, but the proposed setbacks range from 23 to 52 feet.

At their Monday meeting, the board will vote on whether to forward a favorable or unfavorable recommendation to the city commission before their final vote.

The city commission would hold a public hearing and a vote on the special exceptions at their Oct. 6 meeting.

Construction would begin by Summer 2023.

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Planning and Zoning Board to Discuss 3rd Downtown Development Project

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