Students Holding Vigil in Remembrance of Orlando Shooting Victims



By: Sharon Aron Baron

When Kasia Wiech woke up Sunday morning and read about the victims slain and wounded at an Orlando nightclub, she said she started crying and knew she wanted to help. 

Wiech, valedictorian from this year’s graduating class at Coral Springs Charter took to twitter and let her friends know that she wanted to hold an event to help raise money for the victims.

“Everything kind of skyrocketed from there,” she said.

Gabi Pineros, a senior at Coral Springs Charter, also got involved and received the support of both Vice Mayor Dan Daley and Commissioner Larry Vignola.  They have also secured a venue, a time, and now are working on the details including getting a Big Red Bus for blood donations along with getting a local choral group to sing at the event.

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“I just made a bunch of ribbons for the event, and the Gay Straight Alliance is going to be selling bracelets,” said Wiech.

She said that 100 percent of the funds donated will go towards helping cover the medical costs of those who were injured by the shooter. 

“It’s really amazing how many people wanted to help make this happen,” said Wiech. “I’ve been crying on and off all day.”

The vigil will be held on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. at Coral Springs Charter School near the basketball cages. Stay updated for donation information.

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