This Shar Pei Mix Loves People and Other Dogs and Wants to Bring Joy to Your Life

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By Claire Cornish

With a smile as wide as the ocean, Francis is guaranteed to find that empty dog-shaped spot in your heart in record time.

This 2-year-old Shar-Pei mix boy has a joyful spirit and a calm, comforting demeanor. He loves to play and is very popular at playgroup because he gets along with all of the other dogs so quickly and well.

Francis loves people just as much as he loves dogs and is always very affectionate and delighted to see you.

Francis’ ID # is A2090675, and he is staying at Broward County Animal Care. Although the shelter is currently closed to the public, you can make an appointment to meet Francis by emailing

Francis says, “I packed a bag, and I’m ready to come home with you!”

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Claire Cornish

Claire Cornish
Claire Cornish is a freelance writer, half marathon runner, and volunteer at Broward County Animal Care & Adoption. She is the proud mom of Callie the Labrador and a proud sister of Simon the Labrador mix.

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