Who is Dr Steven G. Paul and Why is There A Dog Park Named After Him?


Dr Steven G Paul – Read Why Coral Springs Named a Park After Him

Sometimes I routinely visit a place not really giving much thought to the name or how the place got there in the first place.  After playing with my dog at the Dr Steven G. Paul Dog Park today, I wondered who Dr Steven Paul was and how did he get a dog park named after him?

I did a little searching and found  that Dr Paul dedicated his life to animals, and then spent a great deal of his time putting the dog park together for the enjoyment of this community. I couldn’t find too much other information except the news about his untimely passing at the age of 50 back on February 7th, 2007.

“Although Dr. Paul had never smoked a cigarette in his life, he lost his battle with lung cancer,” his obituary read.

“Dr. Paul is survived by his beloved wife, Jill, as well as his sons, Jordan and Kevin, all in Coral Springs. Besides running two first class veterinary hospitals, Dr. Paul, a veterinary graduate of Ohio State University, was known for his community service including giving many public lectures on pet care, writing newspaper and magazine columns, and appearing on local television to discuss pet tips with the public.

The Dr. Steven G. Paul Dog Park in the Coral Springs Sportsplex, built in the mid 90s, was one of the first Dog Parks in Florida and attracts dog lovers from surrounding cities as well.  The idea for the dog park was developed in 1992 while Dr.Steven Paul, former Hospital Director of Wiles Road and Cypress Wood Animal Hospitals, was attending a veterinary conference in Massachusetts.  While strolling through Boston Commons, he saw dogs and their owners romping freely and knew instantly that he wanted to bring the same concept to South Florida.

Dr. Paul also volunteered for a number of city governmental groups, as well as having served as one of the youngest directors on the Chamber of Commerce Board. Dr. Paul and his hospitals won two Small Business Man of the Year awards as well as many Community Service Awards from Coral Springs local chamber of commerce.”

Knowing this information will make me think differently about the park next time I visit.  His family must be proud that he left a wonderful park.  An idea that was actually conceived by him and is enjoyed by so many pets and their owners.

We must always remember who brought this dog park to Coral Springs and never forget Dr Steven G. Paul.

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The Dr. Steven G. Paul Dog Park is free and open from 7:30 am to 9 pm to all well-mannered dogs and responsible owners.

The park features large and small dog fenced areas, agility training equipment, a watering area, a paved running path, and “pooper scooper” bag dispensers.

Excerpts from Sun-Sentinel Obituary Published on February 9, 2007

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