Coral Springs Woman Arrested After Threatening Sister With a Butcher’s Knife

Coral Springs Woman Arrested After Threatening Sister With a Butcher's Knife

Chamtale Merchant

Isaac Ray 

An argument over a dirty house led to a Coral Springs woman being arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and battery after she threatened to stab her sister, then beat her with an ironing board. 

On February 25, the Coral Springs Police responded to a domestic dispute. When officers arrived, they spoke to a victim who had clear swelling to her face and complained of a sore neck.

According to the report, the victim told officers that a verbal altercation with her sister, Chamtale Merchant, 48, turned physical and that Merchant threatened to stab her. She said the fight was over the home the sisters share being dirty.

The victim alleges during the dispute, Merchant picked up a large silver butcher’s knife, held it by her side, and told her that she was going to stab her. The victim said she feared for her life and could not reach her cellphone. 

The report said Merchant eventually put down the knife but picked up a small ironing board and began striking the victim in the face with it, causing her to fall on the bed. Merchant then wrapped a leg around the victim’s head and began punching her in the face, only stopping her assault after the victim bit her on the finger. 

Officers interviewed a witness in a bedroom of the home at the time of the attack and witnessed the assault. After completing interviews and collecting evidence, including the silver butcher’s knife, they placed Merchant under arrest. 

She is currently being held at the Paul Rein Detention Facility without bond.

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