Youth Softball Association of Coral Springs Needs Your Support

Youth Softball Association of Coral Springs Needs Your Support

By: Tina Robertson

The crack of the bat, the snap of the glove and the smell of the grass and the dirt.  These things tell us that it’s softball season.

With a new home field in Cypress Park, the Youth Softball Association of Coral Springs (YSACS) is starting its fall recreational season. From the Coral Springs Panthers who make up the travel teams, to the recreational teams who create their own names, they are a busy bunch.

Softball has become an important part of many families in the city. Not only do they have a strong recreational program, the City of Coral Springs is also well represented in the state with the various travel teams. Many have just returned from summer state tournaments where they earned national recognition in their respective age groups. Along the way, the girls and their families have created life-long friendships. They have spent countless hours together on and off the field, driving to and from practices and tournaments, enjoying team meals and parties, and hotel stays for faraway overnight tournaments. They have also attended summer softball camps through the city in conjunction with FAU Softball coaches and players.

Learning life-long skills including responsibility and hard work, they practice two to three times a week and have tournaments or games on the weekends. Throughout this time, they must keep up with their schoolwork and family obligations. The girls on the travel teams come to practice with smiles on their faces, ready to work hard and their self-esteem soars when they finally catch that pop fly in the outfield they have been working on for weeks in practice and their confidence grows when they get their first hit and they run through first base and are called safe.

In addition to the amazing group of coaches, the city brings in college coaches and players to assist during practice. They offer specialized training for skills and positions throughout the season.

As always, city sports depend on support from our community. there is a huge tournament in Coral Springs on September 9th and 10th at Cypress Park on Coral Springs Drive where games will be played starting at 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. daily. There will be concessions open along with raffle baskets to win.

Local teams, as well as teams from all around the state, will be participating in this elite event. Please plan to come and watch. If you are interested in sponsoring teams, donating items, or being involved in any way with this growing organization, please contact: For more information on the Coral Springs Softball program, visit our website or email Coach Craig Ebert at

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