Our Interview with Andy Holz: Candidate for City Commissioner

Our Interview with Andy Holz: Candidate for City Commissioner

The race for the Seat 5 on the commission has a new candidate that qualified in June. Andy Holz, will be on the ballot along with Joy Carter and Laurette Homan. Holz, a mathematics teacher at Coral Springs Christian Academy, said that his platform will be local reform and fiscal responsibility. …

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Local Teacher Raises Funds To Attend Student’s Wedding

One dedicated local teacher will be traveling to India to attend the wedding of a former student and has set up a Go Fund Me Page to help pay for the trip. JP Taravella teacher Laurie Levitan Acosta taught Mayank Bhandar over ten years ago where she is the Academy of Finance Lead Teacher and one of three DECA advisors. …

Hobby Lobby Coming To Coral Springs: Women and Jews Beware!

It’s a huge story that maybe shouldn’t be, because if another plane had disappeared into the Indian Ocean on the day of the ruling, it wouldn’t be. It’s just an unfortunate fact that tragic, flaming deaths and their weeping relatives attract way more viewers than discussions on the nuances of the Constitution. …