Coral Springs City Officials Vote to Annex Parkland


This April Fool’s Day article was the talk of two cities on Friday with over 90,000 views!  Thanks for playing along and reading Coral Springs Talk!

 By: Sharon Aron Baron

After late night negotiations, the City of Coral Springs formally made an announcement that they would be annexing the City of Parkland.

There was some debate among Parkland city leaders in keeping their name, however Coral Springs City Manager Erdal Dönmez reminded the commission that Coral Springs was “older, provided more community resources, and more importantly had more fun things to do.”

Since both cities offered many of the same government services, officials said residents would be the beneficiary of a significant savings on the municipal portion of their tax bill.  Both cities agreed that since Coral Springs Police and their 911 dispatch system was far superior, it would remain. The fire department, which had already merged would continue operations.

“This is great news for our residents,” said Coral Springs Mayor Skip Campbell. “We are looking forward to Parkland residents becoming part of our beautiful city – and our tax base.”

According to former Parkland Mayor Michael Udine who made the recommendation to consolidate the cities back in 2014 said that the City of Parkland government building will be converted to charter school welcoming students from around the county – even as far as Deerfield Beach.

“We believe it is in our residents best interest to be known as Coral Springers,” said Udine. “Something just happens to people when they live in Parkland. I don’t know, it just changes people over the years into self-entitled…..hey…please don’t quote me on that.”

Coral Springs Vice Mayor Dan Daley was ecstatic about the new merger and was looking forward in taking his dogs Molly and Zoey to Barkland. 

“It’s a new day in Coral Springs,” he said. “It’s not everyday you wake up and have 26,000 new constituents. ”

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Sharon Aron Baron Sharon Aron Baron is the Editor of Talk Media and writer for Coral Springs Talk. CST was created in 2012 to provide News, Views and Entertainment for the residents of Coral Springs, Parkland and the rest of South Florida.


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  • Jim Fenoglio

    Hah…great article. Funny now but wasn’t far from the truth back in the day, thinking of the disincorporation challenge in 1973 or the annexation flap in 1985. As former Coral Springs Mayor Ben Geiger said at the time, “The city of Coral Springs will continue to pursue its logical and natural course in boundary expansion efforts,“

  • John A Martinelli

    April Fools???

  • Glenn Heyler

    Coral Springs Tax Base? Let’s look a bit more into that statement folks. I paid $4500.00 in taxes for my little plot next to a horrible, noisy, Westview Drive, and an INCREASINGLY horrible LOUD Sawgrass Expressway that we call Late-night Racetrack and Perpetrator Highway. You pick it. Has anyone else heard these A**holes up there at 2:00am? I’ve called FHP and the Coral Springs Police on them, and so should you…….’Parkland Springs’ is like being in the Borough of Queens in NYC. The traffic is outrageous, the lights are long, and I’m surprised that we’ve stayed this long……And yes, no one told me to live here, and no one has to stay. Just think, now we’ll have ‘Live Bands’ and people mulling around on University and Sample with more noise and congestion. Can’t wait. (Just exercising my 1st Amendment rights)

    • Jim Fenoglio

      Hi Glenn – I understand the article was meant as a humor piece, tax base and all. That being said, I like the borough you mentioned so no wonder I enjoy living next to the Sawgrass in Parkland Springs 🙂

      • Glenn Heyler

        As the area regresses, it doesn’t take much to start a fire. If they have that time on their hands, do something useful.

  • Veo Escucho Opino

    Definitely a horrible April Fools Day joke! Parkland should always remain independent.

    • Glenn Heyler

      Oh, yes indeed. I believe the Kingdom of Parkland should also build a 10 foot high wall around it’s limits, make picture ID’s a must at all times, charge for admission into the “KOP” (Kingdom of Parkland) hire it’s own a security force, remove all cars/SUV’s in place of golf carts, home educate all students, grow and maintain their own vegetables, cows, sheep and chickens, build a heliport, and only dress in Renaissance garb year round. Sort of like a mellow ‘Mad Max’ in reverse.

      • linda meyers

        too funny!

  • Larry Weisman

    What an irresponsible thing to do. If this site is supposed to be legitimate journalism, it has just embarrassed the profession (and admittedly it doesn’t take much to do that). You created issues for two city governments and upset a lot of people with your poor judgment. I would not take seriously anything else you report.

    • Ana

      Seriously?? It’s a JOKE! lighten up!

      • Glenn Heyler


    • Fred

      I’m surprised Parkland was able to handle those 7 phone calls and come through it without resorting to cannibalism or worse.

      04/01/2016 – Never Forget.

    • Amir Quattro

      This comment is an April Fools joke, right?

  • Cathi Rush

    I honestly can’t believe anyone actually believed this. I mean, come on! On ONE night, at ONE meeting, ONE city decided to annex a WHOLE OTHER city? That’s not even possible. I thought it was hilarious. I’ve been giggling about it for quite awhile now. Thanks for the chuckle!

    • Larry Weisman

      Uh, North Carolina banned LGBT in one night in a surprise meeting. Anything can happen. And cities do merge or give up unincorporated status. Wakie wakie.

    • Glenn Heyler

      Yes, Cathi, with an “i”, you’re so much smarter than all of us. Giggle, Giggle, Giggle. Moron.

  • Intrepidusa

    The only upset people are the parkland aholes…nobody else could take offense to such humor…normal Parklanders went about their day complaining about stale bagels and gossiping about Sally secretly sleeping around on her husband and what that does to the prenup she signed. Seriously folks, I wish some days they really would build a wall around that group of people…they would be happier anyway. (Just my humble, covered by the 1st amendment, opinion). I love living in Parkland…yeah I am one of you.

  • Jst

    It was a funny article, nice way to end a long week, with some much needed humor! As a parkland resident lol, all in fun people. .

    • Glenn Heyler

      Oh yes, what a great, lovely way to end a very long hard week. I’m overflowing with joy! I think I’ll take my wonderful Pony out on a lovely trot down Holmberg! Maybe stop and pick some flowers along the way! Just delightful! I’m slipping on my beautiful new velvet cap right now! It’s so wonderful! I’ll grab my crop and I’ll be happily on my way! I could just shit ice cream! Couldn’t you?