Coral Springs Teacher Arrested for Sending Lewd Emails to Student


Warren Zilka


By: Sharon Aron Baron

Coral Springs Police Detectives arrested a teacher from Coral Springs Imagine Charter of Broward today, for transmitting obscene material to a student via email.

The suspect, identified as Warren Zilka, 43, of Coral Springs turned himself in to the Coral Springs Police Department Friday afternoon, and is facing two felony charges of transmitting material harmful to a minor and unlawful transmit of obscene material.

Zilka is accused of sending over 100 emails to a 14 year old student, several of which had explicit sexual content. The messages, were too lewd to post on Coral Springs Talk. The emails were alleged to have been sent from his school issued computer.

The police affidavit stated that Zilka admitted to sending the emails to the minor over the internet.

Zilka is currently being processed at the Coral Springs Police Department and will be transferred to Broward County Jail.


About Sharon Aron Baron

Sharon Aron Baron Sharon Aron Baron is the Editor of Talk Media and writer for Coral Springs Talk. CST was created in 2012 to provide News, Views and Entertainment for the residents of Coral Springs, Parkland and the rest of South Florida.


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  • lisa jackowitz

    Great job by the police officers and detective involved! Thank goodness the child or children came forward to prevent further violations or victims!!

  • Phillip McCracken

    Why is he so happy smiling in the police department booking room? Sick bastard!

    • Jungle Jim Miller

      That’s not the booking photo, dum-dum. That’s a school photo.

      • Phillip McCracken

        jungle jim dum-dum…it is a picture from the booking room @ CSPD…check you suck!

        • Jungle Jim Miller

          Sorry, dum-dum. That’s not how he looked when he was brought in. And, there are no park benches in the CSPD booking room. Now, post your real name, or STFU.

          • Jungle Jim Miller

            Here’s his booking photo, genius…

  • Michael Oleksak

    He should have that stupid smile wiped right off his face, that ignorant, servile bastard! He has no idea, nor does he care, what damage he has done to those children. I hope he loses everything – Family, friends, job…

  • Jungle Jim Miller

    Was the victim a boy or girl? We need to know if this guy is a perverted homo or not…?

    • The victim was a girl. Doesn’t matter what his sexual preference was. What matters is what he did was illegal.

      • Jungle Jim Miller

        Nah. Young girls today are little skanks, influenced by Ke$ha, Lady Gaga & Miley Cyrus. They purposely try to appear/act older to attract older men. Diddling little boys though, is sick. Parents: Do a better job of mentoring your little whores and we will see fewer stories like this.

    • WHO ME?

      Girl she was 14

  • Who dat?

    Wha the hell, we went to CSHS together. I had no idea he was a scumbag perv.

  • WHO? ME?

    Why Mr. Zilka you were my favorite teacher! why would you do this????

  • WHO? ME?

    I feel bad for his wife and kids..and he just had a baby boy! You were my favorite teacher! Why would you do this!!!!????

  • Student from IMSB

    I cannot believe this man was my teacher last year and he was so nice! Our whole school was shocked especially me. I’m so angry he was my favorite teacher and such a good one too! I never want to see this man or hear his name again!

    -Imagine Charter Middle 8th grader

  • Imscb student

    Can’t believe this he was one of my favorite teachers

  • Disgusted

    KARMA!!! She’s a BITCH! Watch out u scum bag…

  • TheRationalist

    You people don’t know the full story behind this. The girl could very well have initiated the behavior. Whatever lewd material he was exposing her may have been asked for, and in any case, it probably was nothing she hadn’t been exposed to before. People forget that 14 was once considered an appropriate age for marriage. I don’t agree with that, but I also don’t believe in ruining people’s lives for stuff like this.

    • Jungle Jim Miller

      She may have initiated it, but he should know better. It’s immoral & illegal what he did. The 14 y/o girl doesn’t know any better ( see my “skank” post above), but HE should!

      • The Rationalist

        The 14 year old doesn’t know any better? How do you figure? 14.5 is the age we start letting them drive, so I hope she is smarter than you like to believe. They were both aware of what they were doing. I’m not saying it wasn’t morally questionable, but I doubt she was victimized enough to ruin a man’s life over.

  • IMSAB mom

    Unfortunately, if this went on for five months, regardless who started it, she was just as into it as he was. They both need help, in my opinion. Furthermore, where were her parents when this was going on? Didn’t they ever check her texts or emails? How about her Facebook or instagram accounts? Girls are very immature about pictures they post and how they are perceived in their profiles. I check up on all my kids. And if you don’t…well don’t be surprised when you have no clue what’s going on.

    • WHO ME

      I agree with you. I believe I know the girl ….but I’m not positive and if it is who I think she has very inapropriate pictures on Instagram and other social networks…..

      • Jungle Jim Miller

        Pics, please! 😉