EarthFest Provides Look Toward Future in Coral Springs


EarthFest 2014 - Photos Courtesy City of Coral Springs

EarthFest 2014 – Photos Courtesy City of Coral Springs

By: Megan Kearney

In Coral Springs, the community slogan is “everything under the sun.” This relates well to environmental aspects of the city, as the sun is needed for the sustainable world to grow and thrive.

On April 18th “everything under the sun” relating to the environment will be showcased at EarthFest, an event in Coral Springs displaying a wide array of wildlife, nature, activities and even a giveaway of 600 plants to Coral Springs residents.

EarthFest is organized by the Neighborhood Environmental Committee, which consists of about 15 people who voluntarily examine environmental issues in the city. The committee chair, Dan Daley, also serves as a Coral Springs city commissioner.

“Environmental issues have always been important to the city of Coral Springs,” Daley said. “EarthFest is an important event because it is an opportunity to stop, take a second, and enjoy all that we have in our community, specifically with regard to nature.”

IMG_7545Different from years past, the event will be held at the Sawgrass Nature Center, located at 3000 Sportsplex Drive, south of Sample Road.

“The Sawgrass Nature Center is a hidden gem,” said Casey Lee, environmental coordinator and city forester for the city of Coral Springs. “I felt that holding the event there this year would be a great way for the center to get exposure.”

The event will take place from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and will feature exhibitors such as the Broward Beekeepers Association, Girl Scouts, the Public Works Department and many more. Each exhibitor will present a demonstration of something related to the environment. The Environmental Issues Club at Sawgrass Middle School, for example, will be making bags out of recycled t-shirts.

“EarthFest is about celebrating Earth Day and educating residents to preserve our earth,” Lee said. “You can never stop educating, no matter what the beliefs are.”

EarthFest is not the only way Coral Springs continues to grow environmentally, but it allows old and new residents to get involved in the community while learning about the great changes being made.

Jordan Manolakis has been a Coral Springs resident for 42 years. He has seen the city transform in more ways than one, as he moved here when the town was originally being developed.

“The great thing about Coral Springs is that even when it was first developed, people wanted to make it one of the first cities in the country that was completely environmentally friendly,” Manolakis said.

Manolakis believed that Coral Springs was cutting-edge in its attempt to be the first truly environmentally friendly city and still holds that belief to this day despite the many changes he has seen.

“I liked the town better when it was quieter and less populated, but they have done a great job of keeping it clean and friendly,” Manolakis said.

Robin Madison, a 25-year resident of Coral Springs, similarly remembers a time where the city was not as developed as it is today. However, she believes that EarthFest is a great way to shed light on things that residents might not have otherwise known about the ways the community preserves the environment despite new development.

“If they could build into the Everglades, they probably would,” Madison said. “But I think it’s great to see that events are being held to educate people on the nature of our city.”

Events like EarthFest did not occur years ago when the city was just breaking ground. Although things were different then, city officials are always working to make sure that people are educated on ways to utilize the environment and that development does not disrupt preservation.

“We see where Coral Springs and the world was 50 years ago. People have become accustomed to convenience,” Lee said. “The only way we can preserve past generations and look toward the future is to change what we are doing right now.”

qdwYEFJx_400x400About Megan Kearney:  Megan is a second year journalism student at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. Born and raised in Coral Springs, she knows the city like the back of her hand. You can follow her on Twitter @MeganKearneyUF.

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  • Concerned

    This event was louder than a “Led Zeppolin” concert. I, a senior with hearing difficulties, had to leave the event within 3 minutes of arriving. The volume was more than my ear drums could bear. I left wondering how parents could subject their children to that kind of abuse. The volume was at a truly dangerous level.

    • Sandra Statner

      What event are you writing about? Was it last year’s EarthFest?

      • Sandra, I believe she is getting it confused with WorldFest that just happened on Sunday. That’s my guess.

      • Concerned

        Appologies to all..!! My discomforting experience was at this weekends “WORLDFEST”.

  • Sandra Statner

    Looking forward to attending EarthFest. I live in Coconut Creek and didn’t know about this! Thank you for this article!

  • springme

    Seniors need to unite and insist that the city commissioners replace the city manager. The city manager has little respect or concern for seniors and their quality of life issues. He laughs at the complaints of seniors as he instructs citywide employees to ignore seniors pleas for assistance. Under his rule, it’s open season on the elderly, plus a couple of his less favored ethnic groups.

    He could have controlled the noise level at the mentioned event as it was under his supervision. He just does not care. He cares only about himself and those that run city hall. He favors special interest and certain ethnic groups.The residents, especially the vulnerable seniors exist only to support him, his salary and his pension with their tax dollars. He should be replaced.

    • barb

      Some events are geared toward the younger population, some for the older and some for families as it should be. Obviously this one wasn’t for you.

      • springme

        Ira was right. You just don’t get it and you never will. I thought the names
        Ira called you were offensive but now I understand that he’s right, you just
        don’t have a thought of your own.

        I think your son works for the city. Maybe that’s why you’re their resident
        cheerleader. Your thoughts are dictated by city hall and your taxpayer supported
        children. The city manager openly favors special interest and it’s a big plus to
        have a friend or relative in the city managers office. Those with friends or
        relatives in city hall the police department or the fire department are always
        are always granted special favors. Isn’t that right Barb?

        Reviewing your post, I find it’s true what they say, you’re as big of a
        Bigot as those you support.

        • Barb

          Nope wrong on all counts, I have no relatives nor am I even friends with anyone associated with the city. I can’t imagine others who read the article and then the comments would not have the same opinion. I would have left also if it was too loud what I wouldn’t have done was complain.

          • Barb

            And if you bothered to read other posts, you would see I totally disagree with them moving the Charter School. I have independent thoughts on a variety of issues.