Former State Senator to Run for Mayor of Coral Springs


Former State Senator Skip Campbell on 60 Minutes in 2005

By: Buddy Nevins

Former Democratic State Senator Skip Campbell is about to reenter elective politics with a race for mayor of Coral Springs, numerous sources say.

Campbell has told political sources he will file for office this week.

The mayor’s position became vacant when former Mayor Roy Gold dropped out of the race in June three days after filing.

City law required the city then set a second filing period for the mayor’s election, which is this week. The last day of the filing period is Friday, July 18.

Commissioner Tom Powers, who filed in June, remains in the race and will be Campbell’s opponent.

Campbell said earlier this year he was exploring a race to return to the state Senate in 2016. That’s when the current state Sen. Jeremy Ring, who represents Coral Springs, is termed out.

Some sources believe that Campbell is running for mayor to position himself for the future senate race.

“Nobody remembers Skip Campbell,” one source said. “I believe he is doing this to reacquaint himself with voters prior to 2016. He really wants back in the Senate.”

A civil trial attorney in the firm of Krupnick Campbell in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Campbell is 65. He served from 1998-2006. In 2006, he the Democratic nominee in a race for Florida Attorney General, which he lost to Republican Bill McCollum.

Campbell was reported in trial and could not be reached for comment.


Buddy Nevins is a New York City native who has been a South Florida journalist for over 40 years. He covered Florida politics since the early 1970s for The Fort Lauderdale News and then for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, writing a column which offered a peek behind closed doors.

Other than politics, Nevins is the winner of numerous state and national prizes for his investigations into cruise ship safety, airport construction, the brokerage industry, boiler room fraud and other subjects.

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  • Jack Boland

    Go for it Skip..!!! We need a good “house cleaning” here in the City of Love

    • Barry F Spinner

      Awesome Jack

    • Barb

      Yeah….lets get a seasoned polititian…thats what we need….get a grip

  • Barb

    Its a political stunt and I sure hope everyone sees it for what it is. This is the democratic party playing politics in our little town. Our city commission is supposed to be party neutral and shame on Roy Gold for having a hand in this crap. Party affiliation has never been an issue till Roy Gold made it one. That if for no other reason is enough to not vote for this ridiculous candidate. I knew it as soon as Gold applied to run and then backed out….sure hope the city didn’t give him his money back.

    • Ira

      It’s a political stunt for Campbell to challenge slow-thinking and arrogant Powers for the mayoral seat? SInce when it it a “stunt” for someone to run for office?

      Seriously, what’s wrong with you?

      Campbell has been a Coral Springs resident for years and years. The guy isn’t a carpet-bagger, for God’s sake

      • barb

        Its a stunt for someone to file then remove his name to give someone else more time to file and less time for the other candidate to know if someone is running. Not that hard to understand unless you are slow-thinking

  • jhkilroy

    vote for skip a democrat… I think NOT. Dems love section 8 housing , high taxes , big government – I would sooner vote for Saddam Hussein than this jerk.

    • Ira

      If you stopped at “NOT,” you wouldn’t have so clearly exposed what a jerk YOU are.

      • jhkilroy

        sure ira , go back to you obama poster and masturbate to it.