Fort Lauderdale Man Arrested in Pitbull Attack On Cat

A Fort Lauderdale man has been arrested in the death of a Coral Springs cat that was mauled by his pitbull.

Fort Lauderdale resident, Hume Hamilton, 81, has been charged with cruel death and pain and suffering of an animal as well as trespassing after videotaped surveillance found that he was was the person in the video.  Many people were outraged after viewing the video footage and took action in finding the man.    See Video Here:  Warning – Disturbing.

The cat named Mama belonged to the Spath family of Coral Springs for over 12 years where it stayed close to their family business, Brandy Bail Bonds, in Fort Lauderdale.

In the shocking surveillance video, Hamilton and his pitbull are seen walking on the property of Brandy Bail Bonds while following his dog’s lead to get closer to the cat.  The video shows the pitbull viciously attacking as Hamilton tries to pull the cat out of the dog’s jaws, even stepping on the cat’s stomach.  He finally he pulls the dog away, runs away, and  leaves the cat for dead. Mama later died of her injuries and is buried at the business.

In 2011, Hamilton was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

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  • aa

    an 81 year old man freaks out after the incident. so the gov’t arrests him, jails him and charges him? is that what law enforcement, the jail, the court system is supposed to be spending its limited resources on? plus, who allowed the cat to roam around outside? was the cat leashed? licensed? shots up to date? more than one culprit in this tragic but apparently “legally important” incident”. the gov’t has no business getting heavily involved in the complete stupidty of all the parties involved.

    • YouAreAMoron

      Dear “aa”:

      This man trespassed onto private property with his dog. The cat did not go walking up to the dog, and the dog would not have had the opportunity to do this if his POS owner had not already broken the law by going onto this property. Not only did he provoke the attack resulting in the death of a family pet, he stepped on the cats abdomen and ran off to leave it for dead. He made no attempt to get it medical attention after HE caused the entire incident. It’s no one’s fault except for this a-hole who hopefully has a cell mate who loves his cats!

    • aa is a stupid fuck

      aa is a stupid fuck

    • a real man

      what does “AA” stand for? anonymous asshole…coward. Your probably his slut white trash whore daughter. Regardless, I would still like to kick all of your yellow teeth in- where is your trailer park?

  • Fred

    This is great news in an otherwise very sad story. I am so glad Mr. Hamilton was busted and I hope he receives the maximum penalty! And I hope he has to live in shame for the rest of his days. From here on out, he is known and the Dine and Dash Cat Killer. What a freaking heartless fool. His beast obviously is a cat killer and should be muzzled at all times when in public. Maybe even in private. He might try to go after visiting small children, too!

    • AnimalFriend

      If you think casually walking a dog onto private property towards a sleeping cat and encouraging anb attack, then stomping on a 12 year old cat crushing her ribs, then unleashing said animal to bounce down the street after a rescuer and then take off leaving a dying animal on the street is ‘freaking out’ you have serious problems. He admitted in court today he was ‘playing a game’ just like he did on previous occasions with cats in the neighborhood. Which by the way are all gone. I think we should all breathe a sigh of relief that justice prevailed. When you commit a 3rd degree felony, you go to jail.

      This poor little old sociopath was arrested for stabbing and punching a woman last year but I guess he was ‘freaking out’ then too, huh? According to all his sex websites he is also very much into S & M, Bondage, Spanking, Orgies and taking ‘erotic’ photos. Google Pictureman6911 or Scubadiver6911 and check out his photo collections and interests.

      Stabbing a woman, then intentionally killing an animal and being hyper-sexual are all precursors to a much deeper and darker issue.

      I’m thrilled this deviant, cat killer is off the street. Thank goodness.

  • Doro

    aa, the cat was the victim here. the cat was on HER property, not bothering anyone or anything. not to mention the idiot broke the conditions of his parole for assault w/ a deadly weapon charge…

    AnimalFriend, i’m sorry to hear he apparently has a history of siccing his dog on cats (and people). hope these folks who were aware of this can testify against him. the history you speak of makes this look like it wasn’t just an “accident” or a dog he couldn’t control… of course even if it were an accident leaving the scene w/out getting veterinary care for the cat speaks volumes. btw, when i googled his screen names i couldn’t bring myself to click to those sites; however, i did notice he described himself as “sexy” in the title of one. maybe he will get free vision care in jail, where i hope he stays until he dies…

  • Dennis

    Bravo all except one of the above got it rite and that is nice to see.Jail is where he belongs and that is what we pay taxes for.Take Your pit bull out to hurt and kill innocent victims You belong in Jail!!

  • emma

    I can only hope what happen to that cat happens to him in jail.

  • Patrick Harris

    I hope he dies the day before they let him out

  • I will never get over watching that. Both owner and dog should be put down for that sh**. They should sic his own dog on him see how he likes it as being ripped to death. Evil bastard.

  • David

    They let killers and rapists walk away, but they jail this 81 year old pft!!!
    They should put this sick dog to sleep!

    • Elsie Delaney

      Yeah the killer dog needs to be put down…and so does the psychopath that was on the other end of the leash. Being 81 doesn’t make him automatically deserving of sympathy or leniency…it just means he got to be a mean SOB and got away with it for nigh on 81 years.

  • YOLO