Mother and Former Candidate Tragically Takes Her Own Life

Shelly Solomon

Shelly Solomon


By: Sharon Aron Baron

A woman that fell to her death from a Fort Lauderdale condo yesterday was confirmed to be former tennis pro and candidate for School Board Rochelle “Shelly” Solomon.

According to the Sun Sentinel, who did not have the identity of the woman, Solomon died Tuesday afternoon after falling 15 stories from the roof of the Marine Tower Condominiums on Las Olas Boulvard.

Authorities at the scene initially said the body was of a construction worker, but executives at Delray Beach-based Carousel Development & Restoration told Local 10 News they did not employ any women as construction workers.

An on-site supervisor for the company claimed the woman jumped off the roof and landed on the scaffolding below.

Originally from Washington D.C., Shelly Solomon, 51, had been living in Florida full-time since she was 11. In college, she was an All-American tennis player having won the NCAA team championship, then turned professional in 1982. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from UCLA with a B.A. in Political Science then graduated Magna Cum Laude from Nova University Law School.

After being admitted to the Florida Bar in 1992, Solomon became an Assistant State Attorney for Broward County. She then went on to become a Partner and Of Counsel for a Coral Springs law firm and a volunteer for Legal Aid Services.

Shelly Solomon during her campaign kickoff party

Shelly Solomon during her campaign kickoff party

Solomon is the mother of four children: Lexi,Jake and twins, Adam and Ashley.

Solomon wanted her legacy to be a role model and mentor for youth instilling respect, responsibility and leadership skills.

Through her law, community service and advocacy, she is a grassroots team player. Shelly was a Certified Life Coach and a Mental Toughness Coach. She was a member of many Broward County Bar Association Sections and on the Legislative Affairs Committee, a member of the Broward County Women’s Lawyer Association and was honored to contribute her legal, leadership, and mentoring skills to the KDA Foundation.

One of Solomon’s passions before running for office was anti-bullying. She became co-chair of the Broward School District’s Anti-Bullying Task Force where her efforts led to the adoption of the School District’s Anti-Bullying Policy.

“Bullying greatly affects how kids do at school,” said Solomon. “I see such a lack of respect (between others). I see it with kids and adults. If left unchecked we’re going to see more incidents of suicide rising. We have to start educating children early.”

Solomon ran for Broward County School Board in 2012 in District Four which covered Parkland, Coral Springs, Tamarac, Margate and North Lauderdale.  She placed second in the primary out of six candidates but lost to Abby Freedman in the November election.

Memorial services held at the Star of David Memorial Gardens at 3:15 on Sunday, October 12, 2014 7701 Bailey Road, North Lauderdale, Florida. Family requests family members and close friends.  Private graveside service following for family.

Donations may be made in Shelly’s loving memory to the Humanity Project, 604 NE 2nd Street, Dania Beach FL 33004. or your charity of choice.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  I helped Solomon initially with her 2012 School Board campaign with media and photography.  I am saddened for her four children that have lost an incredible mother.

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Sharon Aron Baron Sharon Aron Baron is the Editor of Talk Media and writer for Coral Springs Talk. CST was created in 2012 to provide News, Views and Entertainment for the residents of Coral Springs, Parkland and the rest of South Florida.


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  • kane

    I feel I have lost a kindred spirit; I too have the causes she championed, at heart.
    I wish I could have known you, could have called you and shared, could have called you friend— such a talented, bright, caring wonderful soul. God rest in peace and I love you, though we never met. Love & blessings to wonderful children with bright futures to uplift the world through who they are who they were loved by…

  • Mitch

    This article states that “an on-site supervisor claimed the women jumped off the roof.” The Sunsentinel states that the supervisor was not there but returned to the worksite because of the incident. This supervisor was quoted as saying “this is not a construction accident” – How would he know so early into the incident? It also appears that the weather was bad and that balcony reconstruction on the building was in progress. The only mention of suicide is Channel 10 stating that police were investigating a “possible suicide” – again, some type of foregone conclusion or assumption without evidence?
    Construction supervisor not on scene and said no woman worked for the company on the job. So did he see it or not? He said he didn’t know who died. Then how would he know it wasn’t a construction worker. How many of us already know that construction supervisors often don’t know who their subcontractors are?
    Did Solomon commit suicide or does a construction company want everyone to think so? If she did, I feel bad for her family. But she never came across to me as someone that would take her own life. Wonder what close friends have to say. Did she leave a note? Was there any indication that Shelley was suffering extreme despair?
    Something doesn’t seem right here.
    RIP Shelley.
    – Mitch

    • Tim Seals

      hard to accept, but why on earth would Shelly be on the roof of that building midday? Why would anyone be on the roof?

      • TheSenator1

        Tennis playing ex-judge Larry Seidlin lives in Marine Towers. Maybe he saw something.

    • Alessandra


      One the most beautiful things about living in this
      technological era is the ability to access information that prior to this time
      was inaccessible to the common person; however, one of the most unfortunate
      things is the ability to access incorrect information. A wise journalist once
      said, “There is nothing to fear except the persistent refusal to find out the truth.” – Dorothy Thompson.

      While I understand you feel it a necessity to proclaim your
      opinion through such media and while I understand you strongly believe you are
      asking the right questions, and perhaps you are, you are directing those
      questions towards the wrong people.

      My name is Alessandra Bianchini and I am the attorney for
      Carousel Development & Restoration, Inc., the aforementioned “construction
      company” to whom you directed such accusatory statements. Since you perceive
      yourself to be a journalist and since I believe journalist have a duty to
      report the truth to the public let me set the story straight. On October 7,
      2014 at 12:00 pm our supervisor at Marine Towers was forced to shut the jobsite
      down due to inclement weather (standard procedure in our industry). At this
      time all equipment was secured safely on the ground and turned off. All our
      employees then proceeded to leave the premises. So while you are correct, our
      supervisor was not on site during the incident, you are incorrect in assuming
      our supervisor was unclear whether or not she was a subcontractor. Let me
      explain: our supervisor returned to the premises and saw the deceased with his
      own eyes. At that point he determined (based on a visual observation) that he
      did not personally know the woman. Furthermore, Carousel does not currently
      have any subcontractors on the project. We perform most of our work in-house
      and while perhaps many other construction companies are so far removed from
      their projects that they do not know who their subcontractors are, Carousel is
      not one of them. We are a locally owned family business who has established
      long lasting relationships with those who work with and for us. In addition, Ms.
      Solomon was a practicing attorney running for the school board, not a subcontractor
      on our high-rise restoration project, nor was she an employee of Carousel.

      Regarding your defamatory
      statement hinting that the construction
      company may be attempting to “cover” something up is ludicrous, unprofessional
      and unequivocally untruthful. To insinuate that Carousel would do such a thing
      and have such a lack of respect for human life is an outrage. To paraphrase, you
      commented that people were making “foregone conclusions with lack evidence.” You should take heed to your own advice as this is exactly what you have done to Carousel.

      Always remember, it is through journalists that the public
      may keep an eye on the government, learn about society, corruption and injustice,
      etc. True journalism is one of the most important and effective professions in
      the world. For you to strive to be a journalist as such would be a valuable
      asset to your community.

      In closing, this incident is truly a heart wrenching incident
      and must be extremely difficult for Ms. Solomon’s family. Carousel graciously
      extends all condolences to her children, loved ones, coworkers, friends and family.
      Our hearts and prayers go out all those who knew her.

      – Alessandra

      • Ms. Bianchini;

        One only has to know this about Mitch… In a drunken stupor, he mowed down a bicyclist… His Subaru knocked that poor schlub a-hole over tea kettle.

        And when pulled over by the cops, he remarked, “Do you know how I am? I’m Mitch of MargateNews!”

        Mitch is the quintessential dick. I’d suggest you sue him, but he’s not got a pot to piss in.

        • Tim Seals

          Chaz, you have no place here. All locals are very aware of your nefarious behaviors including vicious attacks vs the deceased during the election. You are nothing more than a paid for hire narcissistic rebel rouser.

  • Yvette

    I am in shock. I campaigned for Shelly when she was running for a seat on the Broward County School Board. My heartfelt condolences to the entire family. Always R.I.P. Shelly

  • Costa del Tennis

    Our deepest condolences on the family’s loss for such an incredible loss. Rest in peace Shelly~

  • PLander

    Why is no one else reporting on this? Or even naming the victim as Solomon in the last two days.

    • TheSenator1

      No one believes this woman jumped to her death. Seriously?? I’d look to anyone in Marine Towers who had a connection to her and tennis!

    • Tim Seals

      I’m sure the police report/investigation is open to the public

  • Ira

    Didn’t know anything about her, but she sounds like a wonderful person.

    If suicide, I sure hope it wasn’t money problems that prompted it. Being broke isn’t a soon.

    I suspect officials have also contacted her doctors. Often, news of a terminal illness can lead to suicide.

    • Ira

      Isn’t a SIN, I meant to write.

      Blast you, autocorrect!

  • Johnny JSizzle Schulz

    I find it hard that a Certified Life Coach and a Mental Toughness Coach would take their own life… just saying

    • Ira

      Johnny, often, people get involved in activities and causes that they themselves have debilitating problems with. Kind of like someone who has recovered from drug addiction becoming a pillar of the drug rehabilitation community.

      But they still suffer the addiction, and go back to drugs.

  • Natalie39

    Something does not seem right about this. Further investigation is a MUST!!!! It seems like such an improbable thing. Perhaps it was an accident or dare I say worse?

  • Based on the basic details of the story reported here this would need to be looked at as a suspicious death – unless there is a surveillance video showing the woman by herself jumping or an authenticated handwritten suicide note, it would be logical to consider the possibility of some type of accident or foul play in addition to the possibility of suicide. This is a sad and difficult situation for those who knew and loved her, and hopefully there will be a thorough investigation of what happened that can reveal what transpired.

  • m

    The HOA president of Marine Towers issued a rather defensive statement regarding condominium security procedure in regard to this accident. What’s the saying about those that protest too vocally?… And why was it necessary that he issue any comment?