10 Funniest Facebook Posts in the History of the Social Network

From FailBook

From FailBook

By: Sharon Aron Baron 

Since Mark Zuckerberg launched “TheFacebook” back in 2004, millions of Americans have connected by joining the social networking site.Coral Springs Talk is no exception, with over 1,400 followers on its Facebook page who have in turn used the social network as a conduit to connect with their friends.

Since I scour through so much news each day, often times depressing. I prefer reading items on Facebook that are entertaining.  I’m not too much a fan of inspiring messages or pictures of cute animals, unless the animals belong to the person who is posting. If they are just shared photos, then my Facebook stream becomes a mishmash of secondhand junk from other places. A funny video, post or a thread with some witty comments are like gold for me.

I put together some of my all-time favorite Facebook posts. I hope they give you a laugh.

1.  The China Star Vet

Photo by Failbook

Photo by Failbook


2.  Actually, this trick was quite clever.



3.   Mismatched status update and profile image fail


4.   Stupid Goatee!



5.  Selfie Fail



6.   The status update bore gets called out 



7.  When you are new on Facebook, make sure that when you are sending a private message, it isn’t to the other person’s wall where you, them and all of your friends will see it.


 8.  History.com fail

funny facebook status update (63)

9.  If you don’t share this photo…this kid is going to DIE.


 10.  Make sure you know who your friends on Facebook are before posting.




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