Coral Springs Woman Makes Over 1,000 Face Shields to Protect Against COVID-19

Coral Springs Woman Makes Over 1,000 Face Shields to Protect Against COVID-19

Leah Grimes (left), an ER nurse and her colleague, wear masks made by Jennifer Colosi {photo by Colosi family}

By: Jen Russon

From the safety of the Cypress Run home she shares with her husband and two sons, Jennifer Colosi has made over 1,000 plastic face shields that are donated to essential workers.

Not just in Coral Springs but to frontline emergency and healthcare workers in Pembroke Pines and Hollywood.

Colosi said her efforts began in March, and as much as she enjoys making the shields, it’s heartening to see demand for them taper off as the city continues efforts to flatten the curve.

“I’m still making the shields every day, just not as many as I was back in April. My friend, Leah Grimes, who works as an ER nurse at Memorial Hospital West, and lives in Coral Springs, picks them up from my front porch,” said Colosi.

Coral Springs Woman Makes Over 1,000 Face Shields to Protect Against COVID-19

Jennifer and Phillip Colosi.

She added she has also donated the masks she makes to Publix workers at the Lakeview store near her home, as well as emergency responders at the Hollywood Police Department.

She said her husband, Phillip Colosi, has made plenty of online orders on her behalf.

While her day job is working for Paul Bange Roofing Company, Colosi said she’s also found great purpose in her massive volunteer effort making PPE. It has not been her pet project alone, as both immediate and extended family have been so supportive — especially Phillip, who told Coral Springs Talk his wife deserves recognition.

“He’s been living in Coral Springs even longer than I have,” she said. “I graduated from J.P. Taravella, and we were high school sweethearts.”

When Colosi describes the process of making the face shields, she indicates the biggest challenge is finding materials. She orders the materials needed to make the masks online from Office Depot and Amazon; however, Amazon has capped the number of certain items, and she’s had to get creative keeping enough of them on hand.

Face shields remain a viable alternative to medical masks during the coronavirus outbreak, given how the supply chain of personal protection equipment, or PPE, is overwhelmed during the coronavirus outbreak.

Each plastic sheet protector for one mask costs approximately $6, with Colosi explaining the shields are ideally designed for single use. Colosi uses simple rubber bands, rolls of adhesive, and other crafting supplies to turn the masks out — up to 120 of them per week.
She said donations are often left on her porch after the shields are picked up, and these are greatly appreciated by the Colosi’s.

Phillip said, “I’m extremely proud of her. She has the biggest heart. She is such a caring, loving person and will do anything to help a person in need out.”

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