2 Coral Springs Restaurants Shut Down After Food Inspections


By Kevin Deutsch

Two Coral Springs restaurants were shut down by emergency order recently after state inspectors found sanitary violations, records show.

Gyromania Grill, 5760 Wiles Rd., and Dunkin’, 9515 Westview Dr., were ordered closed June 21 by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s Division of Hotels and Restaurants.

At Gyromania Grill, the state inspection – triggered by a complaint – found 19 violations inside the restaurant, including an insect problem.

“Live, small flying insects in kitchen, food preparation area, food storage area and/or bar area,” an inspector wrote.  “Approximately 10 live flies at triple sink landing on drain board, laundry basket and trash can. Approximately 15 live flies at mop sink landing on dust pans, broom and mop. Approximately 20 live flies at dry storage area next to rear door landing on unpeeled onions .3 live flies at beverage station in dining room landing on walls. 3 live flies landing on customer tables in dining room.”

The inspection also found that single-use gloves were “not changed as needed after changing tasks or when damaged or soiled. Employees leaving the station to touch fryer basket and oven handle without hand wash and glove change.”

There were also issues with food being cooked at improper temperatures and “encrusted material” found on a can opener blade.

At Dunkin’, records show a single violation involving insects was responsible for the shutdown.

An inspector found “live, small flying insects in kitchen, food preparation area, food storage area and/or bar area,” records show. “Observed 1 flying insect hovering near front counter on customer side when I first came into establishment. Observed approximately 10 small flying insects landing on walls at hand-wash sink next to donut display. Observed approximately 10 small flying insects landing on donut display donuts. Operator threw away donuts that flies landed on and sprayed area behind donut display case with sanitizer. Observed 1 small flying hovering near espresso machine. Observed 2 small flying insects landing on doors and wall near employee and customer restrooms.”

After Dunkin’s emergency closure, an inspector also wrote that they witnessed the “establishment operating after issuance of an Emergency Order of Suspension of license.”

“Observed employees serving packaged food to customers in vehicles at 8 a.m.,” the inspector wrote in an administrative complaint.

Both restaurants came into full compliance with state safety and sanitation standards on June 22, the records show.

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