PHOTOS: 2022 Coral Springs Festival of the Arts a “Stunning Success” According to Organizer

Photos courtesy of Dan Perez Photography.

By: Jen Russon

The Coral Springs Festival Of The Arts 17th Annual event was a stunning success in its post-COVID run, as artists both locally and around the state sold out during the event-packed weekend in March.

Shirley Richards, event founder and chief organizer of the Festival, said she and 30 dedicated volunteers work hundreds of hours each year to bring the community this Festival, adding it’s absolutely worth it.

“After sitting last year out because of COVID, it was hard to know what would happen, but in the end, our local artists and several nonprofits for the arts all benefitted,” said Richards.

Richards and Gil Sternbach, Sponsorship Chair for the event, confirmed Friends of Music, and Coral Springs Museum of Art, have received proceeds from the event in previous years. The Festival has also joined with The Coral Springs Art Guild to give an art scholarship in the past.

Richards said the Festival of the Arts gives booths to up-and-coming artists free of charge. In 2022, the New Artist Program comprised Diana Helman, Colleen Kastner, Frank Papandrea, Cris Roseli, and Natalie Smith.

Two signature artists of the Coral Springs Festival for the Arts, Susan Greeley and Cindy Silva, also returned, and Diana Helman was named the best new artist of 2022.  

Frank Papandrea said he sold almost everything in his van on the event’s last day. “I was blown away — this was my first Festival. I went into the experience thinking I’d be lucky to sell just one or two of my pieces. I’m extremely grateful to the Coral Springs art community,” said Papandrea.

Richard echoed Papandra’s sentiment by sharing a story about one of the artists she welcomes back to the Festival every Spring.

“He loves our Festival because it’s the community putting on an event for the community and that even if he doesn’t sell much, he loves coming back.”

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