Zoning Review Committee Approves 3rd Aldi Location in Coral Springs

Zoning Review Committee Approves 3rd Aldi Location in Coral Springs

Aldi at 9184 Wiles Road {photo byJen Russon]

By Bryan Boggiano

Residents in the southern part of Coral Springs are one step closer to having another grocery option.

The administrative zoning review committee approved a special exception for Aldi at their Tuesday meeting related to reduced parking spaces.

The city’s third location would be located at 651 University Drive, the former site of Office Depot, next to CVS Pharmacy.

Aldi requested a special exception because the current 4.1-acre site has less than the 149-required parking spaces that the city requires. The site itself has 167 parking spaces. According to city documents, CVS has 37, and Aldi would have 130.

Thomas Engineering Group conducted the study on a Wednesday and Saturday between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. in 30-minute increments. Comparing their results to other locations, the study determined that at most, 52 out of 130 spaces were occupied at once. The city’s traffic consultant reviewed the study and concurred with the results, according to city documents.

According to city documents, fewer people shop at Aldi at any given time, and customers tend to spend less time there than at a typical grocery store. As a result, the parking demand is lower.

The committee voted unanimously in favor of the special exception.

The city is still reviewing the site plan for minor changes such as dumpster enclosures and parking striping. According to Julie Krolak, director of development services, they also need permits for inside and outside work to the building.

Krolak did not have an estimated opening date for the new location.

Opening in 1961, Aldi is an international grocery brand with more than 1,600 stores in 35 states, serving more than 40 million customers monthly.

Most of Aldi’s products are their own private brand, and they have different options from traditional grocery stores. The grocer focuses more on fresh, healthy, and organic foods. In 2012, Supermarket News honored them for their commitment to promoting a healthy diet, according to city documents.

Aldi opened their first Coral Springs location in 2011 at 6198 W. Sample Road. In 2o21, they opened their second location at 9184 Wiles Road.

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