New Interactive Piece ‘Coalescence’ Coming to ArtWalk

New Interactive Piece 'Coalescence' Coming to ArtWalk

New Interactive Piece ‘Coalescence’ Coming to ArtWalk

By: Bryan Boggiano

A sculpture that changes color from day to night plays music and is interactive? That is the newest installment coming to the Coral Springs ArtWalk

City commissioners voted Wednesday to install a new piece, Coalescence, in the ArtWalk on Northwest 31st Court.

Coalescence depicts a pair of intertwined yet separate metal orchids with lighting in the petals, a sound system, and leaves large enough to sit on. As more people sit under, stand or jump on the leaves, the more the music plays and the more intense the light shines, according to a city document. 

During the day, the orchid’s stems are silver, the leaves are silver and wood, and the petals glow white. By night, the petals and leaves glow in dynamic color waves.

Pressure sensors cause the petals’ lights to change color and different music to play. 

The piece is supposed to represent an analogy for the interaction of the universe’s smallest particles. The orchids represent how delicate the environment is, how important it is to protect the environment in the face of climate change, and how as more people come together, more people can enjoy what nature has to offer.

Coalescence will be made from hot-dip galvanized steel, ipe wood, concrete, waterproof speakers, RGB LED lights, and impact-modified acrylic to promote durability and sustainability. 

It will be roughly 16 feet and 8.5 inches tall with a diameter of 18 feet and 5 inches. 

Coalescence’s budget will be $97,000, which will come from the Public Art Fund. The cost will cover fabrication, exhibition, delivery, and installation. The funds will go to Curious Form, LLC, whose sole proprietor is William Nemitoff. 

No ad valorem taxes are involved in public art. Funds are generated from development fees on new development or redevelopment of commercial and multi-family developments, according to a city document. 

Vice Mayor Joshua Simmons spoke highly of Coalescence, calling it beautiful and having the potential to become a standout feature of Coral Springs. 

“I’m really excited to see this happen,” he said in the meeting. “As you know, social media runs everybody’s lives, and it’s just another great way to brand and advertise Coral Springs.”

Coalescence is expected to be completed and installed by early 2022.



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