Assistant Principal Arrested for Allegedly Violating Restraining Order

Assistant Principal

Robert Herzog

By: Saraana Jamraj

An assistant high school principal at Cooper City High School was arrested on a charge of violating a court restraining order for allegedly stalking the mother of his child.

Coral Springs resident John Robert Herzog, 36, had been texting Monica Jean Mason on December 23, asking about setting up a FaceTime call with their son on Christmas.

According to the police report, Mason responded by telling him that he was violating an order not to contact her.  He disputed that and claimed his attorney advised him that he could contact her about matters related to their son.

Mason called the police and showed them the text message as well as the injunction that prohibited Herzog from contacting her.

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The injunction was granted after the woman reported stalking, harassment, and the keying of her car by Herzog, months prior.

Upon reviewing the injunction, the police determined that there were no exceptions to the rule against contacting her and that he was in violation.

He was arrested at his Coral Springs residence, and transported to the Broward County Main Jail for booking.

According to NBC, Herzog was released on bond but had to wear an ankle monitor and stay away from Mason.

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Selene Raj
Selene Raj is a writer and a Florida International University graduate. She’s completed her Master’s in Mass Communications in 2020 and has been living in Coral Springs since 2004.She is passionate about the communities she lives and works in and loves reporting and sharing stories that are as complex and meaningful as the people who live in them.
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