18-Year-Old Accused of Battery On His Pregnant Mother

battery on his pregnant mother

Alexander Zidor

By Hank McCoy

A pregnant mother called the police on her son after he allegedly attacked her in their home.

On June 12, Alexander Zidor, 18, of Coral Springs, was accused of aggravated battery against a pregnant woman. His mother claims her son shoved her, then dragged her off her bed onto the floor by her foot while she was on the phone with her ex-husband.

According to the police report, the son alleges his mother bit him on the right shoulder while attempting to get him off of her. 

Zidor claims he was upset with his mother because she was lying to his father about him over the phone. He alleges an argument ensued, and his mother bit him.    

Afterward, Zidor allegedly threw flower pots into the parking lot from their patio. 

When Coral Springs Police arrived at the 4100 block of NW 90th Avenue, they took note of the broken flower pots in the parking lot on the scene.  

The mother had no visible marks on her and declined to provide a sworn statement. Zidor had a small mark on his right shoulder.

The ex-husband, who was on the phone with the mother at the time of the incident, claims he didn’t witness the alleged altercation, however, he advised that his son entered the bedroom. 

After completing the report, Coral Springs Police determined Alexander Zidor was the primary aggressor because he entered his mother’s bedroom.

Zidor was transferred to the Coral Springs Police Department for booking and later turned over to the Broward County jail without incident.

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