Billion Dollar Babie$ Bring Alice Cooper Nostalgia to Coral Springs

By W.E. Brower Jr.

Fans of the original shock rocker Alice Cooper were treated to a live performance by Billion Dollar Babie$ at Premier Billiards on Saturday night.

Amidst the energized crowd came the familiar chords and riffs profiling the works and catalog of Cooper provided by these elite group of recognized local musicians led by Tate Thibodeaux as Cooper himself, with the same level of charisma as the rocker.

Opening with the classic Hello Hooray and in the few seconds drawing the audience quiet and welcome to the moves and lights of the show, singer Tate Thibodeaux dressed as a close match to Alice brought charisma to the audience within moments.

With Alice on tour and performing in West Palm Beach on Sunday, the theatrics, tunes, and excitement of Billion Dollar Babie$ made for an excellent appetizer for those attending the concert itself and the others; it offered the second best thing in a smaller venue. 

Billion Dollar Babie$ is a side gig consisting of Tate Thibodeaux on vocals as Alice, Soulicide drummer, Kent Blankenship,  guitarist Scott Opiela,  bassist Rik Rock, and Cory “Gory” Kreisberg of Johnny Jetson.

“I was approached by Kent, Tate, and our old manager to start this tribute. Been doing it for five years and currently have sporadic tour dates through March 2022,” said Kreisberg. 

When not performing as the Billion Dollar Babies, you can find the band’s main songs on Spotify and other streaming services.

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