‘Black Matter’ Discovered By Inspector Leads to Fresh Market Given Deadline to Address Food Safety Issues

'Black Matter' Discovered By Inspector Leads to Fresh Market Given Deadline to Address Food Safety Issues

Fresh Market in Coral Springs {Google Maps}

By Ryan Yousefi

Following a visit that uncovered cleanliness and food safety issues, The Fresh Market at 4633 North University Drive has received a mandatory follow-up inspection from the Florida Department of Agriculture.

According to the inspectors’ report, the store has been given until September 20 to address these issues and undergo a re-inspection. Until then, The Fresh Market may remain open, barring any unforeseen circumstances or customer complaints.

Paramount and flagged as the most central issue that led to the issuance of a mandatory follow-up inspection was the presence of “a build-up of black matter inside of the ice machine” in a backroom, which could potentially sicken those who consume the ice used in food and beverages.

The inspectors also raised some significant concerns in their report regarding hygiene and food storage practices within the store, including observing an employee in the produce area who changed tasks without washing their hands and changing gloves. The report also indicates a handwash sink in the produce prep area was found to be blocked by equipment, potentially impeding proper hand hygiene.

In the retail produce area, watermelon cut for over a day was measured at 45 degrees Fahrenheit, which exceeds the recommended maximum temperature for cold storage food. As a result, a stop-sale order was placed on the item, and it was discarded. 

Similar temperature issues led to Stop Sale orders on packages of ham and turkey in the deli area with similar improper temperatures issues. These mishaps could potentially cause serious health concerns if consumed. 

Inspectors also noted that containers of cooked onions in the deli area had been left for over seven days. In a backroom, a produce cooler was found with standing water, which inspectors note could promote bacterial growth and compromise food quality. 

Also dinged in the report was a walk-in freezer used for deli products that had accumulated a significant build-up of ice, potentially affecting the efficiency of the equipment and the safety of stored items.

The Fresh Market has until September 20 to address the issues found, with a re-inspection determining if the store or specific departments will be issued a stop-sale order.

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