Former Broward GOP Vice-Chair and Piper High School Teacher Posts Conspiracy Claims Surrounding The Death of George Floyd

Bob Sutton GOP

Robert “Bob” Sutton

Update: Bob Sutton is no longer the vice-chair of the Broward GOP.  He was removed from the party in 2018.  We regret this error.

By Ryan Yousefi

Robert “Bob” Sutton — former vice-chair of GOP Broward County and Piper High School math teacher — is in some hot water over a bonkers, conspiracy-fueled Facebook post he made on Monday regarding the death of George Floyd.

Suttons’ post strongly hints that the controversial killing of Floyd by police officers in Minnesota that has set off mass protests across the United States was all part of an elaborate hoax perpetrated by those who have a strong disdain for President Trump.

In the post, the Coral Springs resident breaks down the encounter, making baseless, inaccurate, and downright nutty claims that have no basis in reality.

Among the details discussed, Sutton calls into question is the fact that, in his twisted opinion, Floyd waited at the scene for this planned encounter and “passively died,” because, in his estimation, he didn’t appear to fight hard enough for his life.

Sutton also seems to claim paramedics that arrived were in on the hoax because they approached the scene “nonchalantly,” and that it’s possible the arrested officer in the incident, Derek Chauvin, could be an actor, because, according to Sutton, Chavin has never before mentioned to his neighbors that he was a police officer.

Sutton ends the post asking if those reading are “starting to see a trend,” and asks if they will “continue to chase the orchestrated carrots,” or “stop for a minute and look for the truth.”

As one might expect, Sutton is facing quite a bit of backlash for his comments, including one from a woman named Dawn Goldstein, who claims to be an ex-Piper High School co-worker of Sutton’s and is a current professor at NSU’s Fischler College of Education and School of Criminal Justice.

She who wrote on Facebook that she was calling out Sutton’s “disgusting post” for being “ridiculously false,” and “widely ignorant.”

As of 5 p.m. Monday, the post remained on Sutton’s Facebook page. We’ll update this story if Piper High School or Broward GOP releases a statement.

Bob Sutton GOP


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