Broward Rock the Vote Event in Coral Springs includes Free Food and Live Music

Broward Rock the Vote Event in Coral Springs includes Free Food and Live Music

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By Selene Raj

The 2020 election has inspired record-breaking early voting turnout, and local organizations hope to continue the momentum through the final week.

Broward Rock the Vote, hosted by the Broward Young Black Progressives in partnership with Chainless Change, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Broward Young Democrats, and Ruth’s List, hopes to boost turnout, especially among 18-year-old to 45-year-old Black and brown first-time voters.

Coral Springs resident Amber Vaughan, 38, a Ruth’s List board member and president of the Broward Young Black Progressives, organized the event.

Part of the motivation was the voter suppression communities of color face every election. They wanted to give people a reason to turn out and a place to make them feel welcomed and safe while they cast their ballots.

“We knew we wanted to play a part in helping to turn out the Black vote in Broward County,” she said.

Vaughan said this election is not only about the president, but it will also decide the fate of our schools as well as who serves as a judge, who oversees the Sheriff’s Department and their billion-dollar budget, who oversees future elections, and who prosecutes criminal cases.

“Getting people mobilized is so important,” she said, “Things that directly impact us are on the ballot, and voting is our opportunity to have a say in what goes on in our country and communities.”

Coral Springs City Commissioner Joshua Simmons hopes people will see the excitement, want to come to check out what’s going on, and then feel encouraged to vote.

“This is about all communities exercising their right to vote. We want voting to be seen as something fun, positive, and engaging,” he said.

Live entertainment will include performances and music by J. Howard and DJ Lucian White and free food will be provided by April Eats and Detroit Style Pizza, where they plan to feed over 300 voters.

Participating organizations also plan to create first-time voter engagement to follow-up for future elections and events, workshops, and voter education sessions.

The event is free and open to the public. It will take place from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Halloween, Saturday, October 31, at the Northwest Regional Library in Coral Springs at 3151 N University Drive.

To learn more or to RSVP, visit their event page.

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Selene Raj
Selene Raj is a writer and a Florida International University graduate. Born in Trinidad and raised in America, she completed her Master’s in Mass Communications in 2020 and has been living in Coral Springs since 2004.

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