Chabad Center In Coral Springs Debuts New Community Patio Space

Chabad Center In Coral SpringsChabad Center In Coral Springs


By Ryan Yousefi

The Chai Chabad Center of Coral Springs has debuted its newest addition to its massive complex, a brand new 4,000 square-foot outdoor community patio.

Located at 5761 Coral Ridge Drive, the new addition is being advertised as a setting Chai Chabad intends to use to provide the Jewish community with programs that range from everything from preschool activities to summer camps to post-synagogue fun and programs for all ages.

The debut of their new patio area adds an outdoor aspect to the complex that it was missing.

Including a partially-covered gazebo area, the patio space — a timely and much-needed addition amid Coronavirus concerns — has allowed the Chai Center to follow through with their plan to hold a summer camp – allowing social distancing and outdoor activities meeting DCD guidelines.

Rabbi Bronstein said Chabad is focusing on programs that are created organically and of which are inspired by community members. Events like kosher food cookoffs, Pilates classes, teen nights, family nights, and a lot more are all being discussed.

Ideas are as welcome as visitors are.

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“The programming in the Chai patio will be open to the entire Jewish community,” Rabbi Bronstein said. “No membership will be required. The patio will be available to rent for kosher life cycle events and parties. It will also be available to local non-profit organizations who wish to host programs on the patio.”

The idea behind the outdoor space at the Chabad is that Jewish teens, adults, and families will have an area to experience non-synagogue activities. While services are the main focus of the center, providing this massive new outdoor space, especially during a pandemic, is just another way to keep their big extended family together more often, and longer.

According to Rabbi Bronstein, the patio has a purpose that was well thought out far before the Coronavirus changed how we all go about our everyday lives.

“In general, the focus of the patio is to offer what Starbucks famously refers to as ‘The third place.’ Rabbi Bronstein said. “The third space is a sociology-inspired concept, referring to another place outside the home and work that people can gather and build a sense of community.”

As with anything these days, the logistics of being around others and what sort of precautions are being taken are always an issue. Bronstein says Chabad will ensure the safety of anyone that attends a program at the facility.

“All programs in the Chai patio will strictly follow all social distancing guidelines as required by local authorities and CDC.”

For more information about the outdoor patio or program taking place at Chabad, please call the Chai Center office at 954-341-9511.

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