Chabad Jewish Center Celebrates Pesach with Seder Kits, Free Matzah

Chabad Jewish Center Celebrates Pesach with Seder Kits, Free Matzah

Courtesy of the Denburg family

By Agrippina Fadel

Chabad Jewish Center of Coral Springs celebrates Pesach with a Community Seder, offering complete Seder to-go kits for residents who want to take the holiday home.

A seder is a Jewish ritual service and ceremonial dinner traditionally held on the first and second night of Passover. The meal includes four glasses of wine, drank during the ceremony at intervals, and four courses.

According to Rabbi Yankie Denburg, Pesach is the most widely celebrated Jewish holiday, evoking the most substantial feelings of nostalgia within the Jewish community.

“To be able to provide a sense of family, belonging, and connection, and celebrate the holiday together is one of the key elements of what Chabad stands for,” he said, adding that community Seder is especially important for residents who do not have family in the area.

Rabbi Denburg said the celebration includes a delicious four-course traditional holiday dinner and uplifting commentary on the Haggadah, and kids are a big part of the day.

“Children are the main emphasis of the seder, and I have a custom of buying props to represent all ten plagues to let them play and get them involved and interact in the celebration,” he explained.

Rabbi Denburg added that Chabad is also packaging 1200 Matzah kits and giving them out to anyone who needs them for a holiday. The Matzah Project allows residents to request a delivery or a pickup of the traditional Shmurah Matzah for free or purchase it.

“Our Matzah is made according to the same recipe that Jewish people used when they left Egypt. It hasn’t changed in thousands of years. Eating the handmade Matzah for Seder infuses the faith of the Jewish people and spiritually energizes our soul,” he said, adding that the complete Seder kits include all items on the traditional plate, three Matzah, and a bottle of wine.

Rabbi Denburg added that Chabad’s job is “to be there for every single Jew in the community.”

“So, if there is someone who cannot afford to celebrate the holiday, and needs help, be it food, finances, or a place to go, we can help. We encourage residents to reach out to us and come to the Chabad,” he said.

The community Pesach Seder is held on Friday, April 15, at 7.15 pm at the Chabad Jewish Center at 11325 West Atlantic Blvd. The cost is $50 for adults and $35 for children, with many options available to sponsor and support the event. Guests are encouraged to register ahead of time.

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