Coral Springs Officials Provide Updates on Cornerstone Development


Cornerstone construction. {Sharon Aron Baron}

By Bryan Boggiano

As the construction on Cornerstone continues to reach for the sky, city officials are discussing the project’s progress.

Lindsey Steinberg, the media relations coordinator, provided updates on Cornerstone’s construction, saying that despite COVID-related delays, the project is moving at a steady pace.

“The arrival of the Cornerstone is slated to kick-start the revitalization of Coral Springs by creating a vibrant central gathering place,” she said. “The goal is to create a modern hub that meets the demand for dynamic live, work, play lifestyles.

A mixed-use project, Cornerstone is under construction on the southwest corner of Sample Road and University Drive and will have residential, commercial, and office space. It will feature a south and north block.

Coral Sample, LLC, owns the property. Mill Creek is handling the south block’s construction, while Predesco is responsible for designing the north block.

South Block

The south block will house 352 residential rental units and a Hyatt hotel. City officials expect the south block to be complete in 2023, according to Steinberg.

City Digital Media Manager Paula Rubiano said that this block, including the residential unit and parking garage, is under construction. The Hyatt requires a separate city-issued permit, which city officials have not yet issued.

North Block

Plans for the north block are still pending. Steinberg said this component will also be mixed-use, falling in line with the city’s vision to create a vibrant central gathering place that meets the demand for dynamic live, play, work lifestyles. The projected completion date is still unknown.

Originally, Predesco planned to build 65,537 square feet of retail/commercial space and 195,211 feet of office space in the north block. The plan did not call for any residential space, according to city documents.

But, property owner, Coral Sample, on behalf of Predesco, requested that the city approve changes to the north block due to changing market demand. The south block would remain largely unchanged, according to city documents.

Proposed changes to the north block included reducing the amount of commercial and office space. The new plans called for 15,394 square feet of commercial/retail space and 75,461 square feet of office space.

Steinberg said that they are waiting for site plans on the north block from Predesco and expect to receive them “in the coming months.”  The projected completion date is still unknown.

The city commission was scheduled to discuss changes to the north block at their Oct. 2o, 2021, meeting, which they ultimately deferred to Dec. 1. However, Coral Sample withdrew the items from the agenda and hasn’t been approved.

The new plan also included increasing the number of residential units from 0 to 174 in the north block.

On Cornerstone’s website, they plan to have an organic grocer, a major fitness center, a cycle center, a yoga studio, shops, offices, and a multiplex cinema.

Regardless of the final site plans, city officials hope that Cornerstone becomes a community landmark and hub.

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Coral Springs Officials Provide Updates on Cornerstone Development

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