Coral Springs Commission: ‘This has been an unprecedented year’

Coral Springs City Commission

From the Coral Springs City Commission:

When we started the year, no one knew what 2020 would bring to our nation, our state, or our city. One thing is for certain – this has been an unprecedented year, and the challenges we face are not over yet.

This year, we struggled with the global impacts COVID-19 has had on our health and economy, we have experienced the disappointment of missed milestone celebrations and the grief of losing so many lives as a result of the Coronavirus. We then saw a nation in turmoil, with anger and frustration turning to protest against police brutality as a result of the death of George Floyd while being placed under arrest in Minnesota.

While this year has been challenging, we also saw our community come together to assist others. Through weekly food distribution events, we provided groceries to nearly 6,000 families. We launched a Give Where You Live Campaign in partnership with the Coral Springs Community Chest to assist struggling families. And, our Economic Development Office launched a grant program and connected businesses to grants and loans totaling more than $1 million.

When faced with adversity, as citizens, we need to remember the very foundation our nation was built upon, freedom. Freedom of speech and the freedom to exercise your right to vote! We urge our residents, especially our young adults, to register to vote and cast their ballots in the upcoming elections in August and November. Also, we remind residents that much of the federal funding we receive for hospitals and schools are a result of the numbers provided by the census. So remember, Coral Springs Counts, please complete your 2020 Census.

All of us who work for the City of Coral Springs are public servants that strive to find solutions to our problems. One of those is the reimagining of events during the COVID-19 pandemic. For Memorial Day, we proudly hosted a virtual ceremony to honor the men and women who lost their lives in service to our nation. As we approach July 4th, one of our greatest traditions is the fireworks display at Mullins Park. Due to social distancing, that event is not possible, so we came up with a new way to honor our nation’s independence while promoting community spirit.

We invite our residents and businesses to join our Wave & Drive-By Parade on July 4th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Festively decorated city vehicles representing each department will visit all of our Coral Springs communities.

We will be providing a timeline of arrival so residents can enjoy the parade from their driveways and front lawns. Remember to wave your flags as we pass by. Visit our website for more details and route information,

Stay tuned and up to date by visiting, following our social media accounts, and make sure to text the keyword CORAL SPRINGS to 888-777 for important updates.

The Coral Springs Commission is Mayor Scott Brook, Vice Mayor Joy Carter, and Commissioners Shawn Cerra, Joshua Simmons, and Larry Vignola.

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Mary Banatte