Coral Springs 1st in Nation to Adopt Innovative ALERT Safety Software


Top left Lee Mandel CEO of Interlogic Solution and Andrew Pollack. Bottom right is Coral Springs Chief Parry and Alexander Falcone, Director of Emergency Management.

By Hank McCoy

Coral Springs will be the first city in the nation to adopt innovative software that will bring preventative security to schools and houses of worship.

ALERT (Active Law Enforcement Response Technology) will integrate the security systems of schools and houses of worship directly with the Coral Springs Police Department Crime Center. The software system, funded through Andrew Pollack’s School Safety Grant Organization and developed by Interlogic Solutions.

As a result of Alyssa’s law being signed into law in Florida, all public schools in the state must implement a mobile panic system that silently alerts law enforcement of emergencies in the form of an app. 

In a press conference held on Thursday at the Coral Springs Police department, with Chief Clyde Parry, Emergency Management Director Alexander Falcone, CEO of Interlogic Solutions Lee Mandel, and Andrew Pollack, the father of Meadow Pollack, who was one of the victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting.

“Coral Springs is the first department. It’s going to make them more efficient and the community safer, and let’s hope that from Coral Springs, this will branch out into other entities and other police departments,” said Pollack. 

A demonstration was given to explain the features and the measures taken with the new ALERT system. 

When someone hits the panic button at the school or house of worship, an alarm and strobe lights will be set off at the location while simultaneously alerting the crime center of the emergency. 

The crime center will have at their disposal an overview of that facility where can access cameras and view the situation in real-time. This will allow them to follow a suspect as they move through the facility. The system will also enable the crime center to remotely unlock or lock any doors to help officers enter at the closest possible point or lock down the school to keep the suspect from escaping.  

“We must constantly move forward and look for better ways to secure our schools and enhance our children’s safety. When we received the school safety grant and launched the ALERT system, we took a giant step closer to achieving that goal,” said Chief Parry. 

Coral Springs Charter School and the Chabad of Coral Springs will be the first beneficiaries of the new software.

Chief Parry said that with the ALERT system, police are now able to move faster than they ever have before.

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