Coral Springs Charter Students Learn Dangers of Distracted Driving in Virtual Reality Simulator

Coral Springs Charter School students checking out the It Can Wait VR App.

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Students at Coral Springs Charter School received a hands-on lesson through the help of a virtual reality simulator, that distracted driving is deadly.

Around 150 high school students at Coral Springs Charter participated in the AT&T It Can Wait virtual reality (VR) experience, designed to “drive home” the message that distracted driving is never okay. The 3D, immersive VR experience brings students face-to-face with the dangers of smartphone distracted driving.

Research found nearly 9-in-10 people admit to using their smartphone while driving. People are doing much more than just texting from behind the wheel, they’re checking email, accessing social media and even snapping photos. 

Coral Springs Charter students.

The AT&T It Can Wait VR experience includes a pledge photo wall and a fragment memorial wall representing the lives lost to smartphone distracted driving.were introduced to a new virtual reality app, AT&T’s virtual reality It Can Wait App, which teaches the dangers of distracted driving as part of AT&T’s It Can Wait campaign. Sophomores, juniors and seniors began by watching a video presentation about the dangers of distracted driving, then sat in a driving simulator wearing virtual reality goggles and a headset.

The presentation ended with students signing a pledge to never text and drive and were told where they could download the app to block notifications while driving. For AT&T customers, DriveMode will also respond to texts on your behalf to let the person know you are behind the wheel and cannot respond.

Ten years ago, AT&T came up with the It Can Wait campaign which educates people across the county not to text and drive and  since then, the AT&T’s DriveMode app has been downloaded more than 20 million times.

The campaign was first brought to Coral Springs Charter about five years ago with the help of Coral Springs Police Officer Chris Swinson who said that Broward County was number one in 2000-2014 for teen drivers who cause accidents that result in injury or death.

“I wanted to make sure that it was something that was going to be instrumental in providing them with education, something they would enjoy,” said Swinson. “Our number one goal is to reduce crashes and to save lives.”

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