Coral Springs Family Distributes ‘Pumpkin Tags’ for Halloween Night

pumpkin tags

Talia Hunter (left) distributes pumpkin tags with her daughter, Kenzie, and Hannah Walsh, a neighbor {photo by Talia Hunter}

By: Jen Russon

Since Coral Springs Firefighters Talia and Chris Hunter were children, they have always loved celebrating Halloween.

Their annual Halloween block party in Shadow Wood is always a hit among teenagers and their eight-year-old daughter Kenzie’s friends. This year’s weenie roast will be no exception, and they fully intend to take Kenzie trick-or-treating too.

However, in light of COVID-19, the family said they understand why some people in their community may decide to skip participating in the holiday this year.

To make that choice more obvious to trick-or-treaters,  the Hunters came up with the idea that goes beyond keeping the lights turned off. It’s a tagging system where residents can tape a pumpkin to a mailbox, tree, or light post that lets people know whether or not to knock on their door — and Talia’s already handed out a few.

“I’ll be walking with my daughter by the houses where her group usually trick or treats and give these out.  I figure this way; if people are participating, they can hang the pumpkin.  If not, we’ll skip the house and not bother them,” said Talia.


She added that over the rainy mid-October weekend, she, Kenzie, and her daughter’s friend and neighbor, Hanna Walsh, delivered around 100 of the pumpkin tags around the Ramblewood South community.

Pumpkin tags by Talia Hunter

They intend to go out again between now and Halloween, which they are so excited to see fall on a Saturday this year — and with a full moon.

“With everything being crazy this year, I figured I’d try and keep a little normalcy with Halloween,” said Talia.

In a ziplock bag, she said her pumpkins contain a little poem and are easy to make. She uses a crafting device called a Cricket.

She said that if anyone definitely wants one or wants the file for the poem to do this in their community, email Talia Hunter.

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