Coral Springs High School Establishes Four Innovative Programs to Attract and Retain Motivated Students



By: Ben Mitchell

Coral Springs High School (CSHS), one of the premiere high schools in the district, is attracting some of the top students in the county through the implementation of four new and exciting Innovative Programs.

Broward County’s Innovative Programs are schools that provide unique or thematic instruction to attract and maintain home boundary student enrollment, as well as offering students an opportunity to attend a school other than their boundary school.

The Quantum Leap Program has existed at CSHS for over 20 years as a collaborative effort with the Pre-Quantum Leap Program at Forest Glen Middle. Quantum Leap is an integrated honors program that is designed to appeal to motivated, college bound students. The focus on rigor and relevance promotes and cultivates academic excellence in all areas of academia. Recently, the Junior Quantum Leap Program was added at feeder elementary schools for students in grades 3 – 5 who are planning to make the “leap” into this rigorous college-preparatory program.

This school year, CSHS also launched the exciting, new Fire Academy Program. The Fire Academy at Coral Springs High School, the only one of its kind in the tri-county area, is a joint venture between the school and the Coral Springs Fire Academy. It is designed for students who are interested in becoming firefighters or paramedics. The academy is a 3-year program that will prepare cadets for entry into postgraduate fire academies. All the courses are taught by instructors from the Coral Springs Fire Academy during the school day at CSHS. Students may apply to the program in the 10th grade.

The Piper, Coral Springs, and Plantation Consortium (PCPC) is an alliance with Florida International University (FIU), which provides a unique educational opportunity for college-ready students. Eligible students will be able to take college level courses through the university, and allow them to begin working towards a baccalaureate degree while earning a high school diploma. Collectively, the PCPC is among the first programs to work concurrently with a large research-based university in offering a dual enrollment program. Students who successfully complete the program may be granted admittance to FIU.

Finally, the exciting LEEO Project (Linking Education and Employment Outcomes) is a truly unique program that seeks to establish public/private partnerships that will affect graduation rates, employability, and economic prosperity. Upon completion, students will have the realistic choice of post-secondary education and/or entering the work force, with adequate preparation to do either.

The LEEO curriculum begins in the 6th grade and culminates with a Bachelor of Applied Science Information Technology and/or a Business degree from Broward College. By the time a student enters Broward College, he or she may have potentially received seven industry certifications.

Coral Springs Coconut Creek Regional Chamber of Commerce

The program involves an active partnership with Citrix, which is assisting in aligning program development with global industry needs. The partnership will also allow for mentoring opportunities, guest speakers, workplace visits, and internship development.

For information on any of these exciting programs at Coral Springs High School, please contact Principal Susan Leon-Leigh or Assistant Principal Pamela Voss at 754-322-0500.

Ben Mitchell is the Editor-in-chief of the Colt Chronicle, the student news site for Coral Springs High School.

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