Coral Springs Law Firm Secures $1.85 Million for Injured Worker

By: Chris Brunner

Leann Christensen could never have imagined that the wrist injury she suffered as a technician in a dentist’s office would become an all-consuming bout with a medical condition that would consume her life.

Back in 2002, Leann (not her real name) developed wrist pain from using a dental impression gun, similar to a caulking gun. The force required in squeezing the gun caused Leann to develop a tendon injury that ultimately required surgery.  What should have been a short recuperation period eventually became the beginning of a downward spiral in her health after she later became diagnosed with reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) in her wrist.

RSD, or as it is known today as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, is a poorly understood condition that can result from trauma or surgery to a nerve which causes a “feedback loop” mechanism to occur between the brain and the nerves of the affected area. The condition causes the body to amplify the pain response to the affected area, which can ultimately cause constant pain, swelling, and atrophy to the affected area.  In Leann’s case, the RSD also started to migrate to other parts of her body. Throughout the last seventeen years, Leann’s life has been a constant barrage of doctor’s visits, medications, treatments, and therapies.

But getting the multitude of treatments and medications authorized by worker’s compensation has never been easy. Leann, a resident of Tamarac, soon found that second to battling her illness was the battle she would have getting her job’s workers compensation insurance to authorize many of the various treatments her doctors would recommend.

Over the last decade and a half, her attorneys, Adam Baron, and Jason Weisenberg would routinely have to fight with the insurance company, sometimes even moving for emergency hearings before the Judge of Compensation Claims to compel the insurance company to do what was needed.

It wasn’t until recently did Leann decide that maybe it was time to regain control of the medical decisions in her life instead of being at the mercy of the insurance company. She realized that if she could settle her case with the insurance company, she would no longer be reliant upon them for controlling and approving her medical care. After carefully analyzing her medical needs for the future, attorneys Baron and Weisenberg negotiated the $1,850,000 to amicably resolve the matter with the worker’s compensation insurance company. 

“It’s the biggest worker’s compensation case settlement I’ve ever seen,” said Baron. “We are very happy we were able to help Leann achieve the financial independence she needed to take control of her medical care and more importantly, her life.”

If you need help with a worker’s compensation injury or any accident, call the Law Offices of Adam Baron, P.A. at 954-247-HURT (4878)  Located in Coral Springs.

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Chris Brunner
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