Coral Springs Man Catches Unbelievable Video of Meteor

Video by Matthew Bowdle of Coral Springs

By Sharon Aron Baron

What was that strange blast residents in the popular app NextDoor were asking one another about this week?   Some witnessed it, some heard it — and a couple of lucky residents actually caught it on camera.

Hundreds of others in Florida — as well as the Bahamas were wondering the same thing on Monday night when a meteor streaked across the sky like a glowing fireball and then exploded, seeming to brighten the night sky for a split second.

Matthew Bowdle, a resident of Heron Bay. who gave Coral Springs Talk permission to publish his amazing video said his doorbell camera caught it — it was facing just the right angle.

“We were about to go about to bed when we saw a bright blue light.  We then looked outside and the light didn’t go out. Then we looked at the camera and saw the meteor.” 

His video has been getting a lot of attention in CNN International, The Guardian, and NPR just to name a few publications.  We decided to make it right, put his name on it so he could get a little credit for it.

According to, the asteroid, estimated to be about 14 feet across, passed the planet about 16,300 miles away. The asteroid will now make a two-year loop around the sun, eventually swinging back around to Earth; however, NASA predicts that it won’t come nearly as close as it did on April 12 for at least another century.

So don’t expect to see it again for a while.

Maria Celeste of Heron Bay said it was the best thing to have seen in a long time.

Michelle Reichler of Parkland Isles said, “Yes!! My husband swore it was a firework of some kind. It was right there, and it was huge!”

Sandra M. of Tamarac said, “I saw it too! I was walking my dog. I had immediate adrenaline and chills and may have screamed. LOL… it was so large and bright! It was in the east. I have never seen anything like it before! I heard it was a fireball or, yes, a meteor!!! Crazy to see!!”

According to NASA, a meteor occurs when a meteoroid — a small piece of an asteroid or comet — burns up when entering Earth’s atmosphere, creating a streak of light.

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