Despite Efforts, Coral Springs Man Dies After Drowning in Canal


Photo by Coral Springs Talk

By: Sharon Aron Baron and Saraana Jamraj

Despite the life-saving efforts of several Coral Springs Police officers, a drowning victim lost his life after falling into a canal outside his home.

On February 15, Coral Springs resident James Francis Presutti, 56,  had attempted to help the three juveniles who were fishing in the canal outside of his home at the 2600 block of NW 106th Ave in the Coral Springs Country Club.

According to Coral Springs Springs Police, as Presutti was approaching them, he tripped on a tree root, causing him to fall and roll down into the canal.

Once the juveniles saw he needed help, they called the Coral Springs Police Department as well as sought the help of nearby neighbors for assistance.

At approximately 5:04 p.m., Coral Springs Police responded to the call.


The victim’s fiancee, Nancy Allison, attempted to pull him out of the water, then was assisted by several Coral Springs Police Officers who worked together by first laying the victim flat on the grassy area, then performing chest compressions and rescue breaths until an ambulance arrived and took over.

Presutti was then transported to Broward Health Coral Springs, where medical staff reported that he had a pulse and his breathing was assisted with a ventilation system, however, according to his fiancee, he later passed away.

Allison expressed her love for Presutti, saying he was a wonderful, loving person who is now in heaven.


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