Coral Springs Man Literally Runs Out the Clock on Chabad Fundraiser


By: Jen Russon

Thomas Dobbs, an avid runner and longtime resident of the Coral Springs Glenwood community, is literally running down the clock on a 48-hour fundraising project.

The 65-year-old is hoping to run four miles every four hours, concluding his fundraising effort for the Chabad of Coral Springs this Sunday.

“Thomas, like many members of our community, has seen the line of cars that enter Chabad each week and is saddened to see each week the many people in our community who are in need,” said Rabbi Friedman.

He added the Goggins Challenge was a result of the compassion Thomas Dobbs felt, watching his fellow residents struggle to put food on the table during an ongoing pandemic.

Since July 22,  Rabbi Friedman and the Chabad of Coral Springs organizes the weekly food distribution, with over 45,000 pounds of food. On average, they serve approximately 1,200 cars besides the 200+ home deliveries made to vulnerable seniors and those who are medically fragile.

In addition to the regular food distribution serving 4,000 people, they have also been working with the cities of Coconut Creek, Margate, Coral Springs, and more than a dozen houses of worship and nonprofits to supply additional food to individuals in other areas that are struggling as well as frontline workers with nearly 100 volunteers that help make this happen.

To donate to Thomas Dobb’s 48-hour fundraiser, click here before the clock runs out.

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