Coral Springs Man’s Passion for History and Mythology Lead to New Book

By Phillipe Aradox

Walking through the Coral Springs home of William Brower is a trip to the past where antique weapons lie on display beside cabinets of statues from ancient empires.

Farther inside reside pieces of the infamous Titanic collection which, as the resident historian, he’s amassed over the years until at last comes the inner sanctum, his writing room.

A pop culture explosion of creativity where Star Wars vehicles hang from the ceiling in virtual combat while random action figures line the shelves of reference books leading to the writing desk itself. 

Each item in the collections helped bring about his new book, The Legend of Gram Hauteclere, released on September 3.

A Coral Springs resident since 1985, Brower attended Ramblewood Elementary and Middle, where he first began writing before graduating from J..P Taravella High School.

“For my friends from high school at Taravella, this was the fantasy series I originally titled The Chronicles of the Dragons Bane. I had to change the title for copyright purposes but, this also allowed me to expand the series beyond its original volumes,” said Brower.

Brower compares Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey to the production of the early days for the series.

“This all started 30 years ago in my Earth Science class when I got bored with the lecture and noticed a young man named Rodrigo Negreira drawing in a notebook.”

Browar asked him if he could draw a minotaur, and within a few minutes, he handed him a sketch, where inspired him to outline the first story.

At the height of these tales, classmates became fans. Another friend, Paul Valdez, and his garage band created a set of songs inspired by the stories he later performed throughout Broward County.

The world of Mysidia was born in the halls of the high school, and even with the minor change, the tale and adventures continue onward, inspired by old stories lining Brower’s library.

In The Legend of Gram Hauteclere,  the Mysidians lived in peace, and the people of the land were taught life skills by their mentors, the dragons, he said. 

Everything changed when the elder Clarok had a vision warning him all lessons taught to the inhabitants would lead to civil war, and so, he commanded his brothers to create a sword and armor which would be used by a Chosen One who’d unite the world in its darkest hour.  

Upon completion, the dragons abandoned the world, and a 10,000-year civil war soon erupted and walls divided kingdoms — where even a footstep across the border was now viewed as an act of aggression and uncertainty.

To purchase The Legend of Gram Hauteclere, visit KMP Entertainment. To connect with William Brower, you can find him on his YouTube channel, Tessekfan, @WEBrowerJr on Twitter and Facebook.

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