Coral Springs Parkland Republican Club Gears Up For 2022

Coral Springs Parkland Republican Club Gives 2022 Updates

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By Bryan Boggiano

The Coral Springs Parkland Republican Club is gearing up for a busy 2022, discussing everything from meetings and events to their strategies for the upcoming midterm elections.

Kevin Longueil, club president, said that they have a busy year ahead, but he is confident that they will engage as many voters as possible and have fun at the same time.

This year, he wants the 170-member organization to knock on as many doors as possible to engage voters ahead of a potentially competitive election cycle.

According to Longueil, groundwork makes all the difference in elections since it is a more personable way to reach voters.

While the Republican Club will focus primarily on local races, such as city, county, and House of Representatives elections, they will put resources into the gubernatorial election.

He also hopes to expand the membership base. With most members being 40 years old or older, Longueil hopes to bring in more younger members.

The odds are in the Republican Party’s favor ahead of the 2022 midterm elections for local, state, and federal elections, given the country’s current economic situation, according to him.

He acknowledged that there were some issues facing the party. These include ideological differences between far-right and moderate Republicans and debate about whether electoral fraud resulted in Trump’s loss to President Joe Biden. Research into whether the election was rigged was debunked with evidence, including verification of the results by Republican governors.

For Longueil, openly discussing these issues helps members see each other’s points of view. He believes strong leadership can unite multiple ideologies, and once discussed, he can focus on synthesizing that energy to advocate for what the organization believes in.

Right now, his goals are to focus on the future and advocate for what he believes are causes that are good for the country.

“I feel strongly about my country, and I want it to succeed,” he said.

Longueil added that if people want to get involved, they can always attend Republican Club meetings. The club meets on the second Monday of every month at 7 p.m. at Wings Plus, located at 9880 W. Sample Road, where upcoming events and outreach activities are discussed. They usually have a speaker, including local elected officials.

At their Monday, Jan. 10, meeting, they will elect new officers. However, meetings are open to registered Republicans only per state party rules.

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